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Freeship Pedifix provides products for healthy, pain-free, beautiful feet.

SeamLess Socks - OverSized

PG#: 00001vFOTP798M     By: Pedifix

Extra-wide top that stretches comfortably over enlarged feet, ankles & calves.



Pedifix Pedi-Quick Safety Corn & Callus Trimmer

PG#: 00002vP3035     By: Pedifix

Safely and Easily Removes Dry, Hardened Skin.

was $22.21


Pedifix Arch Bandage (Each)

PG#: 00002vP60     By: Pedifix

One Size Fits Most - 1/Pkg

was $22.21


Pedifix Gel Moleskin Protective Padding - 2 sheets/pkg - one size

PG#: 00002vP805     By: Pedifix

Adheres gently to skin to cushion. Absorbs pressure & friction. Perfect for corns, calluses, bunions, blisters and more.



Pedifix FungaSoap

PG#: 00002vP3071     By: Pedifix

6 oz. 1/Pkg. Relieves Itching and Dryness.



Pedifix Toe Straightener

PG#: 00002vP57     By: Pedifix

Available in Single or Double Toe Straightener.

was $22.21


Pedifix Sensitive Feet Foot Protection Insoles

PG#: 00002vP235     By: Pedifix

These insoles accommodate pressure points, reduce friction, and help prevent calluses. One size fits most. Trim to fit.

was $31.10


Pedifix Nylon Covered Metatarsal Cushion

PG#: 00002vP88     By: Pedifix

Ball-of-Foot Padding. Absorbs shock & reduces friction to ease ball-of-foot pain and help prevent calluses. One Size Fits Most.

was $22.21


Pedifix Metatarsal Pad with Toe Loop

PG#: 00002vP3007M     By: Pedifix

Available for left or right foot in sizes small and large.

was $22.21


Pedifix Heel Straights

PG#: 00002vP316S     By: Pedifix

Available in Small - Large Pairs.

was $27.77


Pedifix Hammer Toe Cushion

PG#: 00002vP54SMLT     By: Pedifix

Eases pressure on toe-tips as it comforts & supports bent-under toes. Relieves pain & helps prevent blisters, corns & calluses.

was $22.21


Pedifix Nylon Covered Toe Cap

PG#: 00002vP34SM     By: Pedifix

Offers Complete Toe & Nail Protection. 1/Pkg

was $19.99


Pedifix Pedi-Quick Dual Action Foot File

PG#: 00002vP3011     By: Pedifix

Quickly Reduces Corns & Calluses. 1/Pkg.

was $22.21


Pedifix All-Gel Bunion Guards

PG#: 00002vP1316M     By: Pedifix

Available in Hallux Guard (Big toe) or Tailor's (5th toe) Guard. 1/pkg.

was $22.21


Pedifix Toe Trainers

PG#: 00002vP51     By: Pedifix

One Size Fits All. 2/Pkg

was $22.21


Pedifix Toe Comb

PG#: 00002v5152     By: Pedifix

Toe Comb (Pack/12)

was $27.77