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Over the Counter (OTC)

FreeshipEveryday over-the-counter health aids, from aspirin to laxatives help you manage minor ailments. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right product.

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Curad Non-Sterile Petroleum Jelly

5 gram foil packets of white petroleum jelly. (Box...


was $29.99

Senna Syrup - Natural Laxative

Senna Syrup is an all-natural stimulant laxative. ...


Denture Cleanser Tablets

Clean dentures effortlessly with these effective t...


Pill Crusher/Splitter

Stores pills, crushes or splits them, and provides...


Medi-Pak Twisting Pill Crusher

This McKesson Pill crusher has a simple twist mech...


Magic Bullet Suppository

Bisacodyl suppository for immediate constipation r...


Denture Cleanser Tablets

These tablets are used to remove stains and clean ...


Hydrocortisone Cream

Hydrocortisone topical relief cream.


Milk of Magnesia (Case of 12)

This magnesium-based laxative also relieves heartb...


Guaifenesin (Compare to Mucinex)

Cough and Cold Relief: Decongestants


Metal Pill Crusher

Chrome plated die cast pill crusher.


Milk of Magnesia

Effective Overnight Relief Of Constipation.


Ibutab Pain Relief Packet 200MG

Ibutab Pain Relief Tablets have an advanced Ibupro...


Medi-Pak Enema Bag Set

Medi-Pak Enema Bag Set relieves of occasional cons...


PainAid Pain Relief Tablets

PainAid pain reliever helps fight headaches, sinus...


Medi-Pak SilentKnight Pill Crusher

Medi-Pak SilentKnight Pill Crusher quickly crushes...


McKesson Laxative Powder 13 oz.

McKesson laxative powder relieves occasional irreg...


Medi-Pak SilentKnight Pill Crusher Pouch

Medi-Pak pill crusher pouches are a clean and conv...


McKesson Vitamin C 500MG Tablets 500ct

McKesson Vitamin C aids in the health and repair o...



McKesson Ibuprofen 200 MG Tablets 1000ct

Ibuprofen is used for treating rheumatoid arthriti...


McKesson Calcium 500MG Supplement 1000ct

Calcium and vitamin D combination is used to preve...



McKesson Allergy Relief Tablets 25MG 1000 ct

McKesson Aleergy Relief Tablets relieve sneezing, ...


McKesson Iron 150MG Supplements 100ct

McKesson iron supplements increase iron in the bod...



McKesson Vitamin C 500MG Tablets 1000ct

McKesson Vitamin C aids in the health and repair o...