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Ophthalmoscope & Otoscope

FreeshipOphthalmoscope & Otoscope are devices specifically for the nose and ears. Ophthalmoscope is a lighted instrument that is used to examine the inside of the eye and Otoscope to screen for illness during regular check-ups and also to investigate ear symptoms.

Kawe Eurolight E30, 2.5V Ophthalmoscope

Kawe Eurolight E30, 2.5V Ophthalmoscope Features ...


was $474.99

Kawe Eurolight C10 Otoscope

Kawe C10 Otoscope Offers Standard Illumination Wit...


was $249.99

Kawe Combilight C10/E10 Basic Kit

Get an ophthalmoscope and otoscope in one kit! The...


was $537.49

Kawe Piccolight Combination

The PICCOLIGHT combo kit from KaWe comes with an o...


was $537.49

Kawe Combilight C10 Otoscope

Kawe Combilight C10 Otoscope Features Standard Ill...


was $212.49

Kawe Eurolight C10 Combination Kit

Get professional otoscope and ear diagnostics with...


was $474.99

Disposable Ear Speculas For Kirchner And Wilhelm Standard Otoscopes

4.0Mm disposable ear specula's for the Kirchner An...


was $47.49

Mabis Disposable Penlights

This disposable pack of 6 MABIS Disposable Penligh...


was $37.49

Mabis Reusable Penlights

This reusable pack of 6 MABIS Disposable Penlights...


was $43.74