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More Daily Living Aids

Freeship Blood pressure monitors, pill boxes, book holders, phone alerts, neck pillows, and many more items that can assist you with your daily living needs. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right product.

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Jobar Walker Tray

PG#: 00001vJIIJB4790     By: Jobar International, Inc

Jobar Walker Tray 20-3/4" x 15-3/4" x 1"Makes carrying dinner, magazines and crafts easy. Turns any standard walker into a TV/transport tray. Two recessed cup holders secure beverages. Raised edges prevent spills.


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Hair Washing Tray by Jobar

PG#: 00001vJIIJB4722     By: Jobar International, Inc

Jobar Hair Washing Tray 17-3/4" x 13" x 1-3/4" Plastic Construction, Easy-to-Use


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Nova Bath Sponge with Long Handle

PG#: 000021vPA-1004     By: Nova

The Bath Sponge with Deluxe Long Handle assists with washing hard-to-reach areas and flexes to the contours of the body.



SafetySure CarEase Transfer Slide

PG#: 00002v1195     By: Safetysure

SafetySure CarEase Transfer Slide makes getting in or out of any vehicle, chair or bed easier.



Ring Writer Clip (Set of 3)

PG#: 00002v10697A     By: Complete Medical

Ring Writer Clip (Set of 3) (1 Small, 1 Medium, 1 Large)



30913 LogicMark Lock Box for a spare key

PG#: 00008vLM-GA911-LockBox     By: Logicmark

LogicMark lock box prevent costly repairs due to forced entries from emergencies



Deluxe Hip Kit by Nova

PG#: 000021vPA-1000     By: Nova

The Deluxe Hip Kit aids in recovering from hip, back, or knee surgery.



Nova Shoe Horn

PG#: 000021vPA-1002     By: Nova

The Shoe Horn helps with bending over and guiding feet into footwear and is 24 inches long.



Nova Black Pair Elastic Shoelaces

PG#: 000021vPA-1005     By: Nova

The 32" Elastic Shoelaces allow laced shoes to be slipped on and off easily.



Nova White Pair Elastic Shoelaces

PG#: 000021vPA-1006     By: Nova

The 32" Elastic Shoelaces allow laced shoes to be slipped on and off easily.



Plastic Sock Aid by Nova

PG#: 000021vPA-1007     By: Nova

Plastic sock aid helps those with bending limitations.



Ultra Premium Backrest Support Obusforme, Small, Black

PG#: 00002vOFUF-SM     By: Complete Medical

Constructed for ultra comfort with advanced ergonomic support for your back.



Lowback Backrest Support Obusforme (Bagged)

PG#: 00002vLBGRYCA     By: Complete Medical

Designed to increase comfort by aligning your spine and supporting correct posture



Mabis Tape Measure

PG#: 000041v35-780-000     By: Mabis

Graduated In Inches On One Side And Centimeters On The Other. Compact tape measure is handy to have around the house or to carry in your pocket for when you need to measure on the go

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