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Mobility Scooter Accessories

FreeshipMobility scooter accessories personalize and add convenience for seniors and patients. Baskets, sun shades, arm totes, oxygen cylinder caddies and more!

Rear Basket

Store lots of items in this roomy rear basket. Att...


Walker Holder

Transports a standard or rolling walker


Oxygen Holder

This oxygen tank holder fits C, D and E sized oxyg...


Cup Holder by Drive

Take your favorite hot or cold beverage with you a...


Drive Cane Holder Set

Keep your crutches or cane with you when you trave...


Sun Shade for Drive Medical Electric Scooter

Large sun shade for use with Drive Medical scooter...


Swing Away Elevating Leg Rest Kit

Swing Away Elevating Leg Rest Kit for Rear Wheel D...


Golden Technologies Safety Flag

The Safety Flag from Golden fits on the back of yo...


Golden Technologies Cup Holder

This scooter cup holder for Golden Technologies sc...


Crutch Holder

Fits forearm and underarm style crutches securely ...


Pack n Go Backpack

Fits on the back of the seat and is great for hold...


Mounting Bracket

This optional bracket is required to add on conven...


Electric Mobility Scooters
Mobility Scooter Shopping Tips
In general, mobility scooters are engineered for people who have some mobility but are tested by walking duration or walking distances. When shopping for a mobility scooter, one should consider the following:
  1. Where will the scooter be primarily used? (outdoor, indoor, or both)
  2. Where will the scooter be stored and charged when not in use? (garage, indoors, walkway, carport)
  3. How often the scooter will be transported in a motor vehicle? Does this require ramps, vehicle storage, locks?
Below are the three types of mobility scooters that Parentgiving offers. If you have any questions, concerns, or curiosity about where to begin or which scooter is most appropriate, please call our expert customer care staff.

Travel Mobility Scooters
These scooters are easily folded and ready for transport and are perfect for the person who likes to travel. Models in this category can disassemble into 3 or 4 pieces for easy transport in the trunk of most cars. The heaviest disassembled piece on our travel scooters weighs slightly more than 20 pounds. Sealed batteries make travel scooters airline safe (but be sure to contact your airline before booking a flight). These scooters tend to be compact so we don't recommend them for users over 300 lbs or over 5'10" in height. Pride's Go-Go scooter is a really popular choice.

3 Wheel Mobility Scooters
These scooters are the workhouse of all of the scooter classes — they are full featured, accommodate larger and taller users, and are flexible enough to be used indoors at home or outside. The 3 wheel scooter design generally offers more legroom for taller users and those with knee pain, and is much easier to use indoors with its smaller turn radius. Scooters in this class often carry an array of features like arm rests, storage baskets, swivel seats and more. Maximum weight capacity varies, but many models go up to 350 lbs and beyond. A popular 3 wheeled scooter that is becoming known for its top speed of 18 mph, and outdoor use is the E-Wheels EW -36.

4 Wheel Mobility Scooters
Four Wheel Mobility scooters offer the most stable scooter platform, and with a wider wheelbase, are designed primarily for outdoor use. Larger models have studded tires and high ground clearance and can even travel over rugged terrain. Some models offer an effective travel range of 20 plus miles per charge and a top speed of 10mph. We generally do not recommend 4 wheel scooters for indoor use.

  1. Can I take my scooter on an airplane? All mobility scooters sold at Parentgiving have batteries that are "maintenance free" and are allowed on airlines. The Parentgiving Scooter Store strongly recommend that you first check directly with your airline before attempting to travel with scooter batteries or a travel scooter.
  2. What is the difference between a Mobility scooter and a Power Wheelchair?
    • Scooters are navigated by using a tiller which steers the front wheel(s). Power wheelchairs often use a joystick for steering.
    • A mobility scooter seat is on a mounted stem — which allows the seat to rotate from side to side.
    • Scooters have base boards while Power Wheelchairs have footrests.
    • Scooters usually have much longer distance capacity on a single charge vs the limited range of Power Wheelchairs