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Reusable Underwear for Men

FreeshipShop a wide range of briefs specially designed for men and their incontinence needs.

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These products seem to work best for those who are active and who suffer from light or moderate incontinence. These gender specific products are not generally recommended for overnight use. Those who find a gender specific product that works for them are often very happy with the choice over the long haul. Many of the products Parentgiving sells for incontinence are unisex and they are excellent products which will work well for both men and women. But of course, a man's anatomy presents different challenges from a woman's and there are brands of pull up style briefs that may suit men better. In addition to briefs, there are male pads and guards which can offer a more specific advantage to men over the unisex brands.

Having confidence to continue to do what you have always done, even with the challenges of incontinence is absolutely possible with the right product.

Men require more absorbency and protection in the front and depending on the level of incontinence, pads or guards made especially for men might prove the best solution. These can be worn inside regular underwear, when the incontinence level is low to moderate. They are wider in the front, taper off in the back and are held in place with an adhesive strip in snug-fitting underwear. These cannot be used with standard loose fitting boxer shorts but if that style is a favorite, try Prevail Boxers for Men.

There are disposable briefs, TENA for Men Protective Underwear, that look like regular underwear but have extra protection in the front, plus a comfortable elastic waistband for those who may be adverse to the look of unisex pull ups. If you are searching for a reusable men's product which looks like standard underwear, and have relatively light incontinence, then the Sir Dignity may be your choice. They are reusable, washable, poly/cotton underwear with a front pouch that accepts disposable liners. You can choose from many different absorbency levels of liners based on need.

But if there is heavy incontinence, unisex products are still the best solution. Any product worn for a length of time will require good absorption all over – not just in the front. If you have heavy incontinence and are a side sleeper, overall protection from our most absorbent, unisex products will be just right. These have standup cuff guards to prevent side leakage, plus extra absorbency throughout, protecting those sleeping on their backs.

Briefs, pads and guards are not the only solutions for male incontinence. For example, there are external catheters worn like condoms with drainage tubes emptying into leg bags. These are often used at night and work well as long as the fit is snug; an underpad, either reusable or disposable, protecting the bed from some leakage might be advisable until a perfect fit is found. If your situation is urge incontinence during the night and you just can't make it to the bathroom in time, a urinal is a helpful implement.

Whether the incontinence level is merely dribbling to full, multiple voids there is a product for any man to continue to lead a dignified, comfortable and secure life.