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Men's Briefs

FreeshipShop a wide range of briefs specially designed for men and their incontinence needs.

HealthDri Men's Reusable Briefs

Incontinence pants for men that feel like regular ...


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CareFor Ultra Reusable Men

One piece, resuable men


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Real Fit Briefs for Men by Depend

New incontinence for men briefs designed by Depend...


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Choosing The Best Incontinence Products for Men

Many incontinence products are now available with a man’s anatomy in mind. Options include incontinence briefs that look similar to underwear; adult diapers with tabs; and guards, male incontinence pads that are placed within underwear. All are made with absorbent materials that line up with a man’s body contours.

Incontinence briefs are among the most popular incontinence products for men. They can look just like and feel as comfortable as traditional underwear. Top choices include reusable and disposable choices. The reusable styles look like regular underwear and typically have a discreet inner pouch that holds a guard to absorb urine. The guards are available in different levels of absorbency, depending on your needs, and are discarded after use while the briefs can be machine washed dozens of times. Guard choices are available in absorbencies from light to medium, heavy and super absorbency.

Disposable incontinence products for men are available in primarily two styles, briefs that resemble underwear and belted adult diapers that close with tabs to give you a secure fit. TENA for Men Protective Underwear is a male incontinence product that looks, feels and pulls on like regular underwear with a soft, stretchable waistband and cottony-soft material for maximum comfort. They are anatomically designed with a highly absorbent target zone to ensure protection where it’s needed most and are pH-balanced to fight odor.

Invacare Breathable Briefs are an adult diaper option with reattaching fasteners that grip and hold anywhere on the soft cloth-like outer cover for improved fit and maximum protection. These briefs have enhanced breathable zones for maximum comfort and targeted absorbency zones for enhanced leakage protection and to help keep moisture away from skin.

For men with light to moderate incontinence, wearing just a guard may be enough protection. These male incontinence pads are contoured to fit inside regular underwear and often have a fitted cup-like pad design and adhesive to hold it in place. The Prevail Male Guards have a full-length adhesive strip to keep it securely attached and a soft cloth outer fabric for comfort. A blue Stay-Dry Strip wicks away moisture and prevents skin irritation. Another choice is Depend Guards for Men, also with a breathable outer cover and softer liner for greater comfort; its absorbent core locks in fluid, keeps skin drier and reduces odor. Soft elastics create a leakage barrier and there’s a contoured design with a wider front end for a better fit.