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Male Guards

For light or moderate bladder leakage, wearing an absorbent pad, called a male guard, within your own underwear or within special reusable incontinence underwear might answer your needs. These guards, such as the TENA for Men Protective Guards and the Prevail Male Incontinence Guards, are designed to accommodate a man's anatomy with a cup-like shape. They're wider in the front, taper off in the back and are held in place with an adhesive strip in snug-fitting brief-style underwear. These cannot be used with standard loose fitting boxer shorts, but if that style is a favorite, try Prevail Boxers for Men. Some guards are designed to help manage fecal as well as heavier urinary incontinence, such as the Abri-Man Special Heavy Absorbency Incontinence Liner.

TENA® for Men Protective Guards (Pads)

Incontinence pads designed especially for men. Off...


was $25.70




Prevail Male Incontinence Guards

Designed especially for men, these guards feature ...


was $58.65




Depend Guards For Men

Contoured design for a better fit. For light to mo...


was $33.32


Depend Shields for Men

Kimberly Clark Depend® Shields One Size Fits Most...


Abena Abri-Man Male Incontinence Guard

Abena Abri-Man are disposable incontinence pads fo...



Abena Male Bladder Control Pad Abri-Man Slipguard

Bladder Control Pad Abri-Man Slipguard 15.75 Inch ...


Abri-Man Zero Bladder Control Pad

Abri-man Zero is designed specifically for men, to...


Attends Guards for Men

Unique anatomical form-fitting shape and thin desi...


X-Top for Men Incontinence Absorbent Pouch

x-top is designed for those with urinary leakage, ...


was $29.99