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Mabis DMI Healthcare

Freeship Mabis DMI healthcare aids are developed for what aging adults need in order to maintain their active lifestyles.

DMI Long Handle Call Bell

PG#: 000041v640-5401-0000     By: DMI

Steel call bell delivers a loud, clear ring for those who are bed ridden and may need assistance

was $19.99


Compmist Compressor Nebulizer

PG#: 000041v40-105-000     By: Mabis

The CompMist Compressor Nebulizer delivers therapeutic aerosol medication both effectively and efficiently. Best of all an affordable alternative to bulky compressors of the past.

was $99.99


Healthsmart Therabeads Microwavable Heating Pad

PG#: 000041v616-4503-0000HS     By: Healthsmart

Microwaveable heating pad with therabeads technology provides deep penetrating heat within minutes to relieve pain, soreness and stiffness.

was $46.65


Mabis Legacy Professional Clock Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Blood Pressure Gauge With Adult Cuff

PG#: 000041v09-169-021     By: Mabis

This Professional Mabis Clock Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Gives You Reliable And Accurate Blood Pressure Readings. You Can Mount It on The Wall Which Allows It To Swivel Or Be Removed Or Attach It To The Rolling Stand, Black

was $249.99


DMI Exercise Mini Stepper

PG#: 000041v660-2005-0000

The Mini Stepper from DMI is a great way to get exercise for someone who needs low impact exercise. Features like non skid base and adjustable resistance gives you a workout at your pace.

was $141.17


Mabis Bowles Stethoscope

PG#: 000041v10-440-020     By: Mabis

Mabis Bowles Stethoscope Includes: 30" Length Single head stethoscope, Binaural And Chrome-Plated, Raised Metal, Stem Chest Piece 22 Y-Tubing and latex free

was $22.49


Rediscan Infrared Thermometer With Digital Readout

PG#: 00001v6618535000     By: Mabis

Non-contact, professional grade digital thermometer.



Decubitus Pad by Mabis DMI

PG#: 00001v64806040     By: Mabis

This attractive reusable bed pad helps to prevent and heal decubitus ulcers. It protects bedding, furniture and wheelchairs from moisture. It is made of synthetic sheepskin top surface that wicks moisture away from skin and keeps user dry while sitting or sleeping. The waterproof protective bottom layer helps prevent leakage and is highly absorbent.Hypoallergenic100% polyesterMachine washableDurable and comfortable


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Invalid Ring (Donut Cushion) with Cover White 16" by Mabis DMI

PG#: 00001v648016W     By: Briggs

Made of one-piece, puncture-proof molded foam, ring shape comfortably conforms to body contours. Washable removable polyester/cotton cover.


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Mabis Signature Series Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

PG#: 000041v01-100-011     By: Mabis

Signature Series Adult Cuff Offers Superior Performance And Unsurpassed Quality with Deluxe Air Release Blue Nylon Calibrated Cuff (11 16.4) And Deluxe Zippered Carrying Case Lifetime Replacement Warranty On Gauge

was $99.99


Mabis Legacy Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

PG#: 000041v01-110-021     By: Mabis

Adult High-Quality, Reliable Performance Blood Pressure monitor Includes: Deluxe Air Release Valve, Inflation Bulb, Black Nylon Calibrated Cuff (11 16.4) And Zippered Carrying Case

was $99.99


Mabis Caliber Series Adjustable Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

PG#: 000041v01-133-011     By: Mabis

Adjustable Caliber Series Adult Specially Designed So The User Can Easily Set The Gauge To Zero If Needed Includes: Blue Nylon Calibrated Cuff (11 16.4) And Zippered Carrying Case 20-Year Calibration Warranty On Gauge

was $62.49


Mabis Precision Series Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

PG#: 000041v01-140-015     By: Mabis

Economically Priced Precision series blood pressure monitor with Blue Nylon Calibrated Cuff (Adult Size) And Zippered Carrying Case

was $56.24


Mabis Caliber Series Palm Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

PG#: 000041v01-155-011     By: Mabis

Palm Caliber Series Ambidextrous Stylingn Extra-Large Gauge Face Calibrated Blue Nylon Cuff (11�� 16.4�)Adult Size and Deluxe Air Release Valve

was $87.49


Mabis Match Mates Aneroid Sphygmomanometers Kit

PG#: 000041v01-160-071     By: Mabis

Mabis Match Mates Kit Calibrated Black Nylon Cuff Oversized, Matching Carrying Case with Lifetime Replacement Warranty On Gauge

was $62.49


Mabis Match Mates Dual Head Combination Kits

PG#: 000041v01-260-021     By: Mabis

Mabis Dual Head Combination Kit Black comes with Calibrated Nylon Cuff And Dual Head Stethoscope Includes Binaural, Lightweight Anodized Aluminum Chest Piece, 22� Vinyl Y-Tubing, Spare Diaphragm And A Pair Of Mushroom Ear Tips

was $74.99


Mabis Medic-Kit3 EMT Kit

PG#: 000041v01-350-018     By: Mabis

Designed With The EMT/Paramedic In Mind . The Medic-Kit3 Includes: 3 Calibrated Nylon Cuffs: Adult, Child And Large Adult With Additional Pockets For The Infant And Thigh Cuffs. Lifetime Replacement Warranty On Gauge comes in Orange and Blue

was $162.49


Mabis Match Mates Sprague Rappaport-Type Combination Kits

PG#: 000041v01-360-151     By: Mabis

Match Mates Sprague Rappaport style Aneroid Sphygmomanometer With Nylon Cuff And 31 Stethoscope, Colors Black, Orange Burgundy,Red, Magenta, Teal, Purple, Blue, Navy, Green

was $81.24


Mabis Match Mates Fanny Pack Combination Kits

PG#: 000041v01-365-021     By: Mabis

Mabis Match Mates fanny pack includes 3 Bells (Adult, Medium And Infant), 2 Diaphragms (Small And Large) And 3 Types Of Ear Tips Calibrated Nylon Cuff Fanny Pack With 3 Pockets. Comes in Black and Royal Blue

was $87.49


Mabis Medic-Kit5 EMT Kit

PG#: 000041v01-550-058     By: Mabis

Designed With The EMT/Paramedic In mind Chrome-Plated, German-Crafted Palm Aneroid Gauge The Medic-Kit5 in Blue and Orange Includes: 5 Calibrated Nylon Cuffs: Adult, Infant, Child, Large Adult And Thigh.

was $174.99


All-In-One EMT Kit With Dual Head Stethoscope

PG#: 000041v01-650-058     By: Mabis

Rugged Bright Orange Case With 5 Matching Calibrated Cuffs Chrome-Plated Palm Aneroid Gauge Includes: Dual Head Stethoscope With Id Tag, Taylor Percussion Hammer, Shears, Penlight, 6 Latex-Free Tourniquets And Tape Measure

was $143.74


Mabis Signature Palm Aneroid Manometer

PG#: 000041v05-226-060     By: Mabis

Meter reads up to 300 psi, Premium quality hardware and gauge with Ambidextrous Styling

was $149.99


Mabis Blood Pressure Cuff And Two-Tube Bladder

PG#: 000041v05-260-011     By: Mabis

Adult Size Double Tube Bladders includes Blue Nylon Cuff

was $24.99


Mabis Single-Patient Use Sphygmomanometer

PG#: 000041v06-148-131     By: Mabis

Mabis Single-Patient Use Sphygmomanometer, Adult Yellow Designed To Reduce The Spread Of Infection Disposable Bulb And Valve Assembly

was $187.49