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Freeship A wide selection of durable medical equipment by Lumex.

Sure-Safe Extra Long Bath Mat By Lumex

PG#: 000010v2050A     By: Lumex

Extra-long bath mat, designed to accommodate seating products so that bath seat legs stay in contact with the tub floor.



    Lumex Platinum Collection Deluxe Padded Bath Seat with Support Arms

    PG#: 000010v7945A     By: Lumex

    Comfortable, cushioned seat and backrest are water-tight and easy to clean.



      Lumex Steel Folding Commode

      PG#: 000010v7108R-1     By: Lumex

      Lumex brand 3 in 1 folding commode chair.

      • Brand: Lumex
      • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
      • Seat Width: 14"
      • Width Between Arms: 20"
      • Commode Weight: 8 lbs.
      • Height Adjustable: Yes
      • Commode with wheels: No Wheels



      Lumex Aluminum Lightweight Shower Transport Chair

      PG#: 000010v7910A-1     By: Lumex

      Shower Transport Chair Designed for Easy Maneuverability.

      • Overall Width: 21.5"
      • Brand: Lumex
      • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
      • Seat Width: 14"
      • Arm Option: Permanent Arms
      • Seat to Floor Height: 22"



      HybridLX Rollator Transport Chair By Lumex

      PG#: 000010vLX1000T     By: Lumex

      The HybridLX is an innovative rollator that combines the function of a wheeled walker and a transport chair into one lightweight design.

      • Overall Width: 26"
      • Brand: Lumex
      • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
      • Product Weight: 22 lbs.
      • Handle Height: 30"37"
      • Wheel Size: 8"
      • Seat Width: 18"
      • Arm Option: Permanent Arms
      • Wheelchair Weight: 22 lbs.
      • Footrest Option: Adjustable footrest
      • Seat to Floor Height: 21.25"

      was $266.65


      Foam Wheelchair Pad

      PG#: 000010v7-1620E     By: Lumex

      Convoluted foam cushion provides soft support and pressure relief.

      • Size: 2", 3"



      Lumex Replacement Walker & Commode Tips

      PG#: 000010vLX9141     By: Lumex

      Fits most walker legs and commode legs by Lumex.



        Lumex Platinum Collection Deluxe Padded Commode Bath Seat Without Arms

        PG#: 000010v7946A     By: Lumex

        Open front seat provides easier access for personal care. Comfortable, cushioned seat and backrest are water-tight and easy to clean.

        • Brand: Lumex
        • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
        • Seat Width: 15.75"
        • Commode Weight: 14 lbs.
        • Height Adjustable: Yes
        • Commode with wheels: No Wheels



        Lumex Bariatric Trapeze

        PG#: 000010v2940B     By: Lumex

        Bariatric version bed trapeze that supports up to 450 lbs.



          Lumex Mobility Lights

          PG#: 000010vLT80B     By: Lumex

          Clip on lights that are perfect for mobility products.



            Deluxe Ortho Forearm Crutches By Lumex

            PG#: 000010v6345

            Handgrip angle can be adjusted to comfortably fit the user’s hand and wrist angle.

            • Size: Small, Medium, Large



            Deluxe Bariatric Four Wheeled Rollator By Lumex

            PG#: 000010vRJ4200A     By: Lumex

            The Deluxe Rollator has a heavy-duty steel frame with a blue powder-coat finish. Capacity: 500 lbs.

            • Overall Width: 24"
            • Brand: Lumex
            • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.
            • Product Weight: 17 lbs.
            • Handle Height: 32"-39'
            • Wheel Size: 8"

            was $173.32


            Lumex UpRise Onyx Folding Walker and Assist

            PG#: 000010v700175CR     By: Lumex

            A folding walker by Lumex that functions as a walker, toilet frame and rising aid all in one.

            • Walker Type: Standard Walker without Wheels
            • Walker Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.
            • Overall Width: 26"
            • Walker Weight: 5.5 lbs.
            • Brand: Lumex

            was $79.99


            Walkabout Lite Four-Wheel Rollator By Lumex

            PG#: 000010vRJ4300AQ     By: Lumex

            A lightweight and affordable solution to mobility. Available in 5 colors!

            • Overall Width: 24.5"
            • Brand: Lumex
            • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
            • Product Weight: 14.5 lbs.
            • Handle Height: 32"-37"
            • Wheel Size: 6"

            was $133.32


            Lumex Extra Wide Set N Go Wide Height Adjustable Rollator

            PG#: 000010vRJ4718B     By: Lumex

            Extra wide Lumex rollator with adjustable depth and height, perfect for customization.

            • Overall Width: 26.9"
            • Brand: Graham Field
            • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
            • Product Weight: 16.5 lbs.
            • Handle Height: 32"-38"
            • Wheel Size: 8"



            Fast Alert Basic Patient Alarm With Bed Pad

            PG#: 000010vGF13701B     By: Grafco

            Alarm notifies staff or caregiver when user gets out of bed.



              Walker Tray

              PG#: 000010v603900A     By: Lumex

              Easily attaches to most walkers for use as a flat surface or carrying items.



                Lumex Trapeze Floor Stand Only

                PG#: 000010v2840GA     By: Lumex

                Floor stand only for Lumex Trapeze bars (sold separately) to turn trapeze from bed mount to free standing positions.



                  Sure-Gait II Three-Wheeled Steel Rollator By Lumex

                  PG#: 000010v609101A     By: Lumex

                  Provides maximum maneuverability and comfort for those who do not require the extra stability of a four wheel rollator.

                  • Overall Width: 27.5"
                  • Brand: Lumex
                  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
                  • Product Weight: 14.5"
                  • Handle Height: 32"-37.5"
                  • Wheel Size: 8"

                  was $153.32


                  Lumex Colorselect Adult Walker with Wheels

                  PG#: 000010v716270P-1     By: Lumex

                  Aluminum Lumex walkers with wheels. 300 pound weight capacity, various colors available.

                  • Walker Type: Walker with front wheels
                  • Walker Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
                  • Overall Width: 25.5"
                  • Walker Weight: 10 lbs.
                  • Brand: Lumex



                  Versa-Helper Trapeze for Hospital Beds

                  PG#: 000010v2800GA     By: Lumex

                  Patient trapeze by Lumex. Attaches to metal headboards of hospital beds. Assists movement & transfer. Capacity: 250 pounds

                    was $143.74


                    Sure-Safe® Bathtub Safety Rail By Lumex

                    PG#: 000010v2032A     By: Sure-Safe

                    Provides two gripping surfaces to facilitate both entry and exit from tub.

                    • Brand: Sure-Safe
                    • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
                    • Overall Length: 19.5"
                    • Bathtub Grab Bar: Bathtub
                    • Drilling Required: No
                    • Used on Fiberglass Bathtub: No
                    • Tool Free: Yes



                    Graham Field Dual-Layer Foam Comfort Cushion

                    PG#: 000010v8100166     By: Lumex

                    Comfort pressure relieve cushion with dual layer support and cover.



                      Walkabout Four-Wheel Hemi Rollator By Lumex

                      PG#: 000010vRJ4302B     By: Lumex

                      This rollator is designed with a lower seat to floor height for shorter users.

                      • Overall Width: 24"
                      • Brand: Lumex
                      • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
                      • Product Weight: 14 lbs.
                      • Handle Height: 32"-36.5"
                      • Wheel Size: 6"

                      was $133.32