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FreeshipKendall brand and sub-brand products.

Wings™ Quilted Overnight Adult Brief

Quilted Overnight Adult Brief combines super-absor...



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Kendall Curex Stretch Bandage

Non-sterile, strech bandages for securing dressing...


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Kendall™ COPA™ Hydrophilic Foam Dressing

Foam dressing with hydrophilic cushioning. Availab...


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Kendall™ AMD Antimicrobial Foam Dressings

Antimicrobial foam dressing with Polyhexamethylene...


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Kendall™ Paper Tape

Paper tape for fragile or hypoallergenic skin. Ava...


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Q-tips® Cotton-Tipped Applicators

Non-sterile, cotton tipped Q-tips in 3 inch and 5 ...


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