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Catheter Insertion Kit/Trays

FreeshipKits with catheters, drain bags, wipes, swabsticks, gloves, underpads & more.

BARDIA™ Foley Insertion Kit with Catheter - Sterile

Foley Insertion Kit with Catheter by Bard Medical ...



Closed System Insertion Tray - Sterile

Sterile contents: 10 cc pre-filled syringe with st...



Curity® Foley Trays with Ultramer® Latex Catheter

Curity catheter kit with Foley tray, latex cathete...


was $29.40


Self-Cath® Straight Tipped - Sterile - Female

Funnel end, female catheters. For intermittent gen...



Cure Catheter Closed System Kit

Kits include the Cure Catheter a nonstaining BZK ...



Bardia® Catheter Trays

Bardia® all-purpose urethral catheters are radiop...



Self-Cath® Closed System - Sterile

Self-contained intermittent catheter system by Col...



EZ Gripper Intermittent Catheter Kit

Sterile catheter kit with everything needed for fu...



Urethral Open Style Catheter Tray - Sterile

Urethral catheter tray kit in vinyl or rubber. Wit...



Female Urethral Catheterization Kit (Closed)

Female specific catheterization kit. Available in ...



Touch Free Pocket Catheter System

Catheter system is small and hands-free making it ...


SureCath Catheter Set with Insertion Supplies

Hydrophilic-coated catheter set with sterile solut...


Coude Intermittent Latex Catheters by Medline

Red rubber latex urethral catheters are suitable f...


Hollister Advance Plus™ Intermittent Catheter Kit

Advance Plus™ Closed intermittent catheter syste...