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Hoyer Lifts

FreeshipPatient lifts for transfer that make things easier for caregivers and immobile patients.

Hoyer Compatible Padded Slings

Multiple sized bariatric padded slings compatible ...


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Hoyer Hydraulic Patient Lifter With 2/4 Point Cradle

Patient Lifter With 2/4 Point Cradle. Hydraulic pu...


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Hoyer Chrome Hydraulic Patient Lifter With 4/6-Point Cradle

Innovative 6-point cradle works with an array of H...


was $888.88

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U-Sling for Hoyer Hydraulic Patient Lifter (Sling Only)

Specialized sling for Hoyer Hydraulic Patient Lift...


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Hoyer Closed Cell Foam Padded U-Sling w/Head Support

Padded U-sling with head support that works for 85...


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