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Personal Care

FreeshipShop in-bed bathing and hair washing systems, moisturizers, shampoo caps, hand held showers and more. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right product.

Sub Categories:

Aloe Vesta Bathing Cloths

Large, disposable adult wipes that moisturize and ...


was $14.27



3M Cavilon Skin Cleanser

No-rinse skin cleanser. Formulated for people w/ i...


was $19.99


EZ-Shampoo Deluxe Hair Washing Basin

Inflatable hair washing bas designed for comfortab...


Conveen Male Self-Adhering External Catheter

Self-adhering siliconee catheter is packaged in a ...



Q-Tips Cotton Sterile Tip Applicators



EZ-Shower (Water holder bag only)

EZ-Shower System Allows Full Hair Wash From Bed wh...


Magic Bullet Suppository

Bisacodyl suppository for immediate constipation r...


Inflatable Hair Shampooer

Heavy-duty inflatable plastic water basin. Perfect...


Pride Mobility Lift Chair Overlay Only

Provides comfort and relaxation via a silicone sof...


Remedy 4-in-1 Cleansing Lotion by Medline

8 oz. Cleansing lotion spray bottle or 32 oz. pump...


was $26.65


SnapWrap™ Deluxe Gown

SnapWrap™ Deluxe Patient Gown


Magnifying Nail Clipper with LED Light

Easy to use 3X magnifier and bright LED light make...


Long Handle Razor Holder

Designed to hold either an electric or a safety ra...


Disposable Mineral Oil Enema

Ready to use mineral enema oil is disposable squee...


3-in-1 Mirror

Silvered mirror; one side plain, one side 3x magni...


Sitz Bath

Designed to fit standard toilets. Complete with gr...


Rinsette Plastic Basin Tray

Molded styrene tray for washing hair, dressing he...


Choosing The Best Daily Living Aids
Arthritis Aids
When arthritis pain affects the joints in your hands, arthritis aids, such as therapeutic gloves and moist heat pads that contour to the shape of stiff joints, will bring relief.

Health & Cleansing Products
From cleansers that making bathing and shampooing easier to antiseptic hand gels, these aids help you see to hygiene needs.

Clothing & Dressing Aids
Make getting dressed easier with clothes and accessories that are easy to slip on, plus tools to help you with zippers, pulls, buttons and more.

Electronic Alerts
Monitoring devices and other electronics make living on your own safer. Medical reminders help you stay consistent with needed medication while emergency devices call for help in a crisis.

Home Blood Pressure Monitors
Being able to monitor high blood pressure helps reduce your risk for heart events. Easier to use and read devices take the guesswork out of health and well-being.

Hot & Cold Pads
Heat and cold therapies are often used for pain relief. Products that can be easily applied deliver soothing help right where you need it.

Massage Therapy
Massage has both physical and emotional benefits. Home massagers, from handheld devices to seat cushions offer all kinds of massage in the comfort of your favorite chair.

Orthopedic Supplies
When your joints need additional support to keep you active, wearing the appropriate brace, wrap, collar and sleeve can cushion and protect injured areas while increasing mobility.

Paraffin Therapy
A paraffin wax bath can nourish skin and help soothe aching joints in hands, feet, even elbows. These professional-style home models let you enjoy paraffin’s soothing benefits on your schedule.

When you’re not feeling well, the first question a doctor might ask is if you’re running a fever. Easy-to-read digital thermometers, some with a large readout or a voice that speaks the results, get you the answer fast.

Utensils and Dinnerware
We take eating and drinking for granted, but when our hands aren’t as flexible as they used to be, specialty utensils and tableware can help.