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Gifts From $25 - $75

Find great gift ideas for seniors for under $75.

Buckwheat Cervical Roll Pillow

Buckwheat Cervical Roll Pillow comfortably support...



Fleece Back Cushion with Memory Foam Insert

Maximum comfort back cushion.



Conair One Touchpad Deep Foot Bath

Pamper you feet with this deep warm foot bath with...


was $66.66


Swivel Seat Cushion

Makes getting on or off a seat or chair easy and c...


was $29.99


BMI Weight & Body Fat Scale

Body fat scale by Baseline. Measures Weight, Body ...


was $49.99


Wheelchair Cushion with Fleece Top

Comfortable wheelchair cushion with fleece top for...


was $87.49


Invacare® Standard Aerobic Pedal Exerciser

Variable resistance pedal exercise machine. Comes ...



Inflatable Bed Wedge With Cover

Sleep better when you travel! Made of heavy gauge ...


was $33.32


Removable Readout Electronic Scale

This electronic scale features an infrared remote ...



Deluxe Cordless Anywhere Lamp

This light goes anywhere with no dangerous cords t...



Deluxe Handheld Shower Head with Diverter Valve

Handheld shower spray head with diverter valve and...



Bean Bag Lap Desk - Lap Tray

Portable lap tray that is ideal for eating, writin...


Fleece Back Cushion with Foam Insert

Fleece Cover with Foam Insert


Bed Buddy Naturals Plush Neck & Hand Wrap

Specially designed microwavable neck and hand pouc...


Table Top Hair Dryer Holder

This hands free hair dryer holder is designed to s...