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Gifts For Under $25

FreeshipFind great gift ideas for seniors for under $25.

Kennedy Cups - Spillproof 7oz Drinking Cups

PG#: 00001vPIKCUP     By: Providence Spillproof

Kennedy Cups (K Cups) are popular spillproof 7oz cups with lids. Perfect for all ages. Dishwasher safe. (Pack of 3, Case of 60)

    was $19.99

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    Cando Gel Hand Exercise Ball

    PG#: 00001vFAB101491     By: Cando

    Grip Improving Hand Ball (Various Resistances Available)



      Doro HandleEasy 321rc Universal Remote Control

      PG#: 000029vDORO-321RC     By: Doro

      HandleEasy is a universal remote control for the TV or home stereo that is specially designed for people who have limited dexterity.



        Dycem Non-Slip Bottle Opener

        PG#: 00002v10642     By: Complete Medical

        The Dycem non-slip bottle opener allows you to effortlessly unscrew tough bottle tops.



          Butterfly Offset Adjustable Cane

          PG#: 00001vMNT21007     By: Alex Orthopedic

          Butterfly, offset fully adjustable cane with foam handle, strap and non-slip rubber tip.

          • Handle Type: Offset
          • Tip or Base Type: Tip
          • Minimum Cane Height: 31"
          • Adjustable & Foldable: Adjustable

          was $33.32


          Wood Cane - Tourist Walnut Stain

          PG#: 00001vMNT03001     By: Alex Orthopedic

          An attractive wooden cane with chip and mar resistant finish.

          • Handle Type: Standard
          • Tip or Base Type: Tip
          • Minimum Cane Height: 36"



          Big Button Talking Calculator

          PG#: 00002v3980     By: Complete Medical

          Easy to use, clear female voice speaks the individual numbers and has a built-in volume control.



            Thera-band Resistance Exercise Bands Set - Yellow, Red and Green

            PG#: 00002v20403     By: Complete Medical

            5 foot cut length bands with light, medium and heavy resistance. (3 pack)



              Playing Card Holder

              PG#: 00002v10684     By: Complete Medical

              Slotted clear plastic playing card holder for adults, kids or disabled. 10 inches long.



                Fleece Wheelchair Armrests (Pair)

                PG#: 00002v3009     By: Complete Medical

                Helps prevent achy arms and elbows.

                  was $27.77


                  7-Day Pill Organizer

                  PG#: 00001vHEI400407     By: Acu-Life

                  ACULIFE Deluxe One Week Plus Today Pill Box.

                    was $18.74


                    Fleece Armrest & Pouch

                    PG#: 00002v1966     By: Complete Medical

                    Comfort plus convenient storage.



                      Knork (Knife and Fork Combination)

                      PG#: 00002v10580     By: Complete Medical

                      The Knork enables people to both cut and spear food using only one one hand. Stainless Steel--Duo Finish.



                        Large Face Playing Cards

                        PG#: 00002v10685     By: Complete Medical

                        Regular size playing cards with high visibility markings.



                          Gel Ultimates Moisturizing Booties

                          PG#: 00002vP108M     By: Complete Medical

                          Moisturizes and softens the entire plantar surface of the foot as well as heels and toes. Proprietary gel lining. One Size Fits Most.

                            was $41.10



                            PG#: 00002v6088     By: Complete Medical

                            Innovative rolling massager equipped with two knobbed wheels.



                              Card Holder-Wooden

                              PG#: 00002v10682     By: Complete Medical

                              Varnished hardwood rack holds 2 rows of cards.



                                Fleece Cane Grip For Curved Handle Canes

                                PG#: 00002v1551B     By: Complete Medical

                                Unique design enables easy attachment and secure fit for curved handle wood or aluminum canes.



                                  Small Activity Board - R.O.S. Spree

                                  PG#: 000019vMP-1B-PPS     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

                                  Hard board that provides a working surface for seniors while they sit or lay down.



                                    Elvis Magnet Puzzles

                                    PG#: 000019v1005-S16-EPCS-1     By: R.O.S. Therapy Systems

                                    16 piece magnetic puzzles featuring different images of Elvis.



                                      Air Travel Pillow by Obusforme

                                      PG#: 00002v2055     By: Complete Medical

                                      Ergonomically designed travel pillow inflates in seconds and deflates for compact storage in it