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Gauze Pads, Rolls & Sponges

Freeship Gauze is popular non-adherent dressing for wounds of all types. We offer a large selection of gauze pads, roll and sponges, both sterile & non-sterile.

Sub Categories:

Versalon™ Nonwoven All-Purpose Sponges

PG#: 00001v688042     By: Curity

Highly absorbent, non-woven gauze sponges available in 2x2 inches and 4x4 inches in sterile and non-sterile form.



Woven Non-Sterile Gauze Sponges (12-ply)

PG#: 00003vNON25412H     By: Medline Industries

Medline 12-ply non-sterile sponges. Ideal for wound dressings, wound packing & general wound care. Sizes: 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4.



Dermacea™ Non-Woven Sponges

PG#: 00001v68441408     By: Dermacea

6-ply, non-woven sponges for IVs and drainage use. Available in 2x2 and 4x4 inches.



CURITY™ Gauze Pads

PG#: 00001v683381     By: Curity

100% Cotton. Sterile. Box of 100 | Available in 2in. x 2in. pad or 4in. x 4in. pad.



Caring Woven Non-Sterile Gauze Sponges (8-ply)

PG#: 00003vPRM21408C     By: Caring

8-ply non-sterile gauze sponges in bulk ordering sizes. Sizes: 2x2, 4x4



Avant Deluxe Non-Sterile Gauze Sponges - 4 ply

PG#: 00003vNON26444     By: Avant

Medline Avant deluxe 4-ply gauze sponges. Sizes: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4.



Caring Cotton Gauze Bandage Roll

PG#: 00003vPRM25865     By: Caring

6-ply cotton gauze bandage rolls in sterile and non-sterile form. 4.5 inches x 4.1 yards.



Kerlix Gauze Bandage Rolls - Non-Sterile

PG#: 00001v681892     By: Kerlix

Non-Sterile, 6-ply, 100% cotton gauze roll. Sizes available: 4.5in x 4.1 yards.



Curity™ Gauze Sponges

PG#: 00001v681903     By: Curity

High-Grade gauze sponges - Meet/exceed USP Type VII gauze requirements.

was $8.22


Curity Abdominal Pads

PG#: 00001v687197D     By: Curity

Soft, sterile abdominal wound pads with sealed edges. Sizes available: 5" x 9", 7.5" x 8", and 8" x 10".

was $11.75


Caring Woven Sterile Gauze Sponges - 8 ply

PG#: 00003vPRM4408     By: Caring

Caring woven cotton gauze sponges in two packs, 8-ply. Sizes: 2x2, 4x4.



Excilon Drain Sponge

PG#: 00002vKE7086     By: Complete Medical

4in. X 4in. | 6ply | Box/50



Curity Cover Sponges

PG#: 00002vKE3157     By: Complete Medical

3in. x 4in. | Box/25 - 2'S



Post-Op Sponges Sterile | 8 ply 25-2/pk

PG#: 00002v12007B     By: Complete Medical

Available in 2 sizes: 4in. x 4in. or 4in. x 3in. | 8 ply | 25-2/pk



Non-Adherent Guaze Pad Sterile

PG#: 00002v12008A     By: Complete Medical

Available in 3in x 8in box/50, 2in x 3in. box/100, or 3in. x 4in. box/100



Non-Sterile Matrix Elastic Bandages

PG#: 00003vMDS087104LF     By: Matrix

Non-sterile elastic bandages made from a polyester/cotton blend. Various sizes and lengths available.



Sterile Bulkee Super Fluff Sponge

PG#: 00003vNON25852Z     By: Medline Industries

Sterile Bulkee Super Fluff Sponge . Sterile. Packs of 2. 6 x 6.75 Inches. Box of 40 (20 packs).



Woven Non-Sterile Gauze Sponges (16-ply)

PG#: 00003vNON25416     By: Medline Industries

Medline 100% cotton, non-sterile gauze sponges. 4 x 4 inch pads. 16-Ply. Case of 2,000.



Woven Non-Sterile Gauze Sponges (8-ply)

PG#: 00003vNON25208     By: Medline Industries

Medline 8-ply non-sterile gauze sponges. Available in variously sized squares.



Avant Deluxe Non-Sterile Gauze Sponges - 3 ply

PG#: 00003vNON26443     By: Avant

Medline Avant deluxe 3-ply gauze sponges. Sizes: 2x2, 4x4.



Avant Gauze Non-Woven Non-Sterile Sponges

PG#: 00003vNON25444H     By: Avant

Medline's non-woven (rayon/polyester non-stick) gauze sponges. Non-Sterile. Choice of 3-ply or 4-ply. Sizes: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4.


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Bulkee II Sterile Cotton Gauze Bandages

PG#: 00003vNON25861     By: Medline Industries

Sterile cotton gauze bandages. Six ply. Various sizes available.



Caring Supra Form Sterile Conforming Bandages

PG#: 00003vPRM25497Z     By: Caring

Caring Supra Form stretch gauze bandages. Sterile. Single ply. Various sizes available.