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Female Urinals

FreeshipPortable urinals designed specifically for females. Great for camping, long road trips, and temporary or permanent incontinence.

URSEC Spill-Proof Plastic Urinal For Women

Unique urinals for women with an anti-reflux syste...


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Plastic Female Urinal by Carex

One-liter plastic urinal for women by Carex. Sturd...


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Female Urinal by Nova

The female urinal by Nova has a contoured design e...


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Travel John Disposable Urinary Pouch (Box/3)

Perfect for post-prostate surgery, incontinence, c...


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Male & Female Bedpans & Urinals
It is not uncommon for incontinence issues to be resolved by using a female bed pan or male urinal. This is especially true for patients who are experiencing mobility issues. In addition to conducting research for the correct type of bedpans & urinals, caregivers and patients should also look at size options as well to ensure the best experience possible is the conclusion. Think about if the urinals and bedpans are going to be used short term or long term, the weight of the patient, how strong their stream is, and other preferences the caregiver and patient may have.

Types of Bedpans:
  • Plastic: metal bed pans have been replaced in many hospitals by plastic once it was introduced to the market. One of the biggest advantages of this material is that is it disposable. The cost of replacing the disposable bed pan is then passed on to the hospital patient. The disadvantage of the disposable bed pan is that, due to how flexible it is, it could pin the patient or spill once their weight presses on to the pan. There are additional hygiene problems with this type of bed pan, as well.

  • Metal: the biggest benefit of this traditional type of bed pan is that it is reusable and stable. This is particularly beneficial to those using bed pans at home. Despite the fact that this type of bed pan is cold, its smoothness is much more comfortable when used. For those who still find the smooth surface uncomfortable, there are cushions available.
Types of Male Urinals:
  • Male urinal: no matter if a male is upright or supine, the urinal is the best option in comparison to a bed pan when urinating. Each urinal is constructed from plastic that is clear and allows for the simple extraction of urine. The clear plastic allows patients can caregivers' measure color and volume.
Types of Female Urinals:
  • Female urinal: female patients do have a more difficult time using these devices but, design innovations have reduced spills and leaks significantly. Flow can be controlled better thanks to the wider opening allowing for the urinal to be angled appropriately once firmly placed against the skin. Like male urinals, female urinals are constructed from clear plastic so the urine can be measured for color and volume.
Additional types of Bedpans & Urinals
In addition to these types of urinals, you may also need a travel urinal or a different type of portable bedpan or urinal. The best way to determine what type of bedpan or urinal will be perfect for your needs is to think specifically about where you will be when it is in use, how often it will be used, and how often it will be moved from place to place. Then, begin your research.