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Everyday Aids

FreeshipEveryday routines can be a challenge with Alzheimers. These items can help make these tasks simple again for patients with Alzheimers or Dimentia.

SafetySure Transfer Belt

Great for helping people with limited mobility to ...


Kennedy Cups - Spillproof 7oz Drinking Cups

Kennedy Cups (K Cups) are popular spillproof 7oz c...


was $19.99


Microfiber Barrier Bib for Adults

Microfiber Bib is available with or without a catc...


Redware Alzheimer Tableware Basic Set

Redware Alzheimer Tableware Basic Set includes sc...


was $66.66

Curity™ Specipan™ Measuring System

Measuring system for a variety of uses. 800 cc cap...


Automobility Solution Set by Stander

Makes entering & exiting automobiles easier for le...


was $97.32

Redware Alzheimer Tableware Deluxe Set

Redware Alzheimer Tableware Deluxe set features pa...


Non-Insulated Plastic Pitchers

Generic and cost effective plastic pitchers withou...


Medi-Pak Disposable Ice Bags

Medi-Pak disposable ice bags are easy to fill and ...


Non-Sterile Tongue Depressors by Medline

The Non-Sterile Tongue Depressors are made of high...


Emesis Bags by Medline

Emesis Bags are used for sickness clean up and fea...


Male Urinal with Cover, Disposable, Translucent

Essential for anyone who has trouble getting out o...


Sip-Tip Drinking Cup by Patterson Medical

Sip Tip drinking cup helps reduce the amount of ai...


DMI Long Handle Call Bell

Steel call bell delivers a loud, clear ring for th...


was $13.32

Healthsmart 7-Day Pill Holder

7 day pill holder is very handy with easy to open ...


was $23.99