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Elongated Raised Toilet Seats

FreeshipRaised toilet seats designed for elongated toilets designed to make it easier for limited mobility patients to sit.

Elongated Toilet Seat Riser by Carex

Carex elongated toilet seat riser fits on a all el...


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Raised Toilet Seat With Arms By Drive

This elevated toilet seat by Drive Medical fits mo...


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Elongated Raised Toilet Seat by Nova

The Elongated Raised Toilet Seat by Nova bolts dir...


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Raised Toilet Seat By Drive

This elevated toilet seat by Drive Medical fits mo...


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The Benefits of Buying an Elevated Toilet Seats
It isn't uncommon for normal day-to-day routines we all tend to take for granted to become more of a challenge as we grow older. These things include walking around, going to the bathroom and even sleeping. We go to work, run our errands, hit the gym, and take our children to playdates or various sporting events or other school activities without thinking much of it these things. That is, until we get older. Because there are various medications to aid individuals with sleeping and devices to aid with walking, we're going to discuss toilet seat risers and how they are beneficial to elderly individuals.

Many people are under the assumption that toilet seat risers are made specifically for the elderly, but this is a misconception. Despite the fact that toilet seat lifters are primarily used by the elderly, many tall people purchase them so their toilets can be brought to the perfect height. Many individuals have issues with posture, and elevated toilet seats can help resolve this issue by making using the bathroom simpler. Young people do not view this as a problem, but it does become more and more of an issue as people grow in age.

Specific Benefits of Buying Toilet Seat Risers
  • Cost Effective: toilet seat risers are not expensive, making them an affordable option for individuals in need. For those who are unable to comfortably sit on their toilet seats, they can simply purchase an elevated toilet seat and install it on their toilet.
  • Simple to Use: this product is simple to use for the elderly, as well as the caregivers helping them. In addition to being easy to use, their installation is simple as well. The majority of toilet seat lifters available have simple installation instructions caregivers can follow.
  • Simple Clean-up: many users of an elevated toilet seat will wash them off in the shower. However, they clean up just as easily as a traditional toilet seat lid for those who do not want to or are not able to exercise the shower option.
Where to Find Toilet Seat Lifters
For those who really need a toilet seat lifter, they are easy to find either online or in drugstores. Many discount supercenters also carry them in their pharmacy sections. Be sure to measure your toilet to ensure the toilet seat riser you choose fits the toilet you are using, otherwise it will become a safety issue. Some physicians recommend toilet seat lifters that do not have rails because, once too much weight is placed upon the rail, it will cause elevated toilet seats to fall over. This is a potential safety risk, as well, and creates a hazard in the home.