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Freeship Home electrotherapy devices are generally used for pain relief. Choose from a variety of electrical nerve and muscle stimulation devices and accessories. Read our Supplies Buyers Guide for help finding the right product.

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Skincote Protective Dressing Applicators

PG#: 00002v3017     By: Complete Medical

Skincote protects skin against irritation from: adhesives, appliances, T.E.N.S. electrodes and external catheters. Box of 50.



Tensive Conductive Adhesive Gel

PG#: 00002v22-60     By: Complete Medical

Recommended for TENS, EMG, EEG and other electromedical procedures.



Carex AccuRelief Wireless Remote Control TENS Electrotherapy System

PG#: 00001vRMACRL9000     By: AccuRelief

The AccuRelief Wireless Remote Control TENS Pain Relief System is a is a wireless compact electrical TENS unit that delivers powerful targeted pain relief.



Microcurrent TENS Unit Kit

PG#: 00002v3166K     By: Complete Medical

Electrotherapy kit contains one dual channel tens stimulator, carry case, set of lead wires, instruction manual, 9V batteries and set of electrodes.



Twin-Stim Combo TENS & EMS Digital Unit w/Timer

PG#: 00002v3162     By: Complete Medical

The Twin Stim gives the user the choice of 5 modes of TENS and 2 Modes of EMS.



Signacreme Electrode Conductive Cream

PG#: 00002v17-20     By: Complete Medical

Available in a 5 oz dispenser in a box of 12 or a 2 liter with 2 dispensers.



Adhesive Pre-Gelled Round Electrodes - (1.75 in. diameter)

PG#: 00006vAGF-105     By: Drive

Round Electrodes TENS Unit (Replacement Electrode Pads)


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JStim 1000 Infrared Joint System - Hand

PG#: 00002vJSTIM-H     By: Complete Medical

Works by sending tiny electrical signals to the joint while combining infrared heat and compression.



Portable Muscle Stimulator For Bells Palsy

PG#: 00002v3188A     By: Complete Medical

Available in Interrupted D.C. Only or I.D.C. and pulsed.



Ez Trode Electrodes by Mettler Electronics

PG#: 00002vME2221     By: Complete Medical

These electrodes are available in 2 in. round, 2.75 in. round or 2 in. x 5 in. rectangle in a pack of 40.



Sys*Stim 206 Muscle Stimulator By Mettler Electronics

PG#: 00002vME206     By: Complete Medical

The Sys-Stim 206 Stimulator is a muscle stimulator that can deliver the kind of performance and safety that only a high quality microprocessor-based stimulator can.



Interferential Muscle Stimulator - Dual Channel IF4000

PG#: 00002v3186     By: Complete Medical

Adjustable pulse amplitude. Carrier frequency plus interference frequency. Kit includes attractive carrying case.



Signagel Electrode Conductive Gel

PG#: 00002v15-60     By: Complete Medical

Available in 2 oz or 8 oz tube in a box of 12 tubes.



Signaspray Electrode & Skin Prep

PG#: 00002v18-25     By: Complete Medical

250 ml Bottle Box of 12.



Carex AccuRelief Mini TENS Electrotherapy System

PG#: 00001vRMACRL1000     By: AccuRelief

The AccuRelief Mini TENS Pain Relief System is a tiny compact electrical TENS unit that delivers powerful targeted and effective pain relief.



Chattem Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Therapy Knee and Shoulder Starter Kit

PG#: 00001vCHA04116708047     By: IcyHot

Icy Hot tens therapy knee and shoulder started kit is a portable device for your knee and shoulder pain that gives personal relief with 63 intensity levels

was $79.99


Chattem Icy Hot Smart Relief TENS Therapy Back and Hip Starter Kit

PG#: 00001vCHA04116708045     By: IcyHot

Back and Hip TENS unit gives soothing help to persistent sore and aching muscles. This portable device will let you know when the battery is good.

was $79.99