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Electronic Gifts

Shop fun and helpful electronic gifts for seniors.

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Clarity XLC3.4 Extra Loud Cordless Phone

This cordless, digital phone by Clarity amplifies ...



Best Seller

Timex Simple Set Alarm Clock

Large, easy-to-set keypad and time display.


Big Button Talking Calculator

Easy to use, clear female voice speaks the individ...



Lumex Mobility Lights

Clip on lights that are perfect for mobility produ...



Conair One Touchpad Deep Foot Bath

Pamper you feet with this deep warm foot bath with...


was $66.66


911 Guardian Phone

911 guardian phone set has complete coverage in an...


Daylight Sky Light Therapy

Serves as both a therapy and task light. This SAD ...


was $237.49

Unisar Listener Wireless Headset and Controller

Wireless TV & Stereo listening device. Ideal for h...


was $58.65


Guardian Alert Panic Phone

Stay safe with Guardian Alert Panic Phone.


Victoria Tunewriter III in Paprika

7-in-1 USB recordable audio player


XL15 Digital Pedometer

A large viewing screen and advanced clock features...


Paramount Chicago Stick Style Telephone

Classic style phone with modern telephone features...


Unisar Listener Wireless Headset (Headset Only)

Replacement or additional headset for the Unisar L...


RCA Symphonix Sound Amplifier With Case

The RCA Symphonix Sound Amplifer helps those with ...