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Electronic Alerts Systems

FreeshipMonitoring and other electronic devices make life easier. Choose from medical reminders for taking pills to devices that call for help in emergencies. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right product.

Big Button Talking Calculator

Easy to use, clear female voice speaks the individ...


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Personal Electronic Pager

Small wireless personal pager.


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Freedom Alert by Logicmark

A leading 911 personal emergency pendant communica...


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Clarity Wake Assure Alarm Clock

Loud buzzer, bedshaker, and flashing light from a ...


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Digital Talking Alarm Clock

Perfect for low vision, the blind or seniors.


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Door Strip Alarm

A brightly colored strip directs most residents aw...


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Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

This turbo charged loud, vibrating alarm clock wil...


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Sonic Alert Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker

The Sonic Boom alarm clock is guaranteed to wake e...


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Guardian Alert Panic Phone

Stay safe with Guardian Alert Panic Phone.


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Clarity SR-200 Super Phone Ringer

For seniors or individuals with hearing loss, this...


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Fanstel Caller ID Base With Large Backlit Screen

Receives and displays name, number, and calling ti...


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Sonic Alert Sonic Ring Jr. Telephone Signaler

Never miss an important call with Sonic Alert Soni...


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Sonic Alert SBD375SS Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

The Sonic Alert SBD375SS Dual Alarm Clock with Bed...


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Sonic Alert SB300SS Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

Sonic Alert SB300SS Sonic Boom Alarm Clock


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35911 Freedom Alert by Logic Mark

LogicMark FreedomAlert personal emergency pendant ...


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30915 LogicMark Guardian Alert 911 Pendant

Extra pendant for the Guardian Alert 911


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Motion Sensor Night Light

This Motion Sensor Night Light helps stop nighttim...


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Alarm Clock Pro Vibrating Alarm Clock from Bellman & Symfon

The Bellman Vibrating Alarm Clock Pro wakes you wi...


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Serene Innovations VA3 Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock

The VA3 Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock from Serene I...


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Choosing The Best Electronic Alerts

Electronic alerts make many aspects of daily living safer and easier. These visual and aural alerts are great aids for people experiencing hearing loss as well as forgetfulness or who simply need some assistance taking care of their daily needs. There are many categories of electronic alerts, from medical reminders to alarms that let you know when the phone or the doorbell is ringing.

Electronic Alerts For Medical Records

An electronic record of your immunizations, medications and medical conditions can ensure you the most coordinated care when you have more than one doctor. And it can be a lifesaver in an emergency situation. One example of a simple system is the MedFlash II, a combination portable flash drive personal health record and Web databased device. Stored information can be accessed via the flash drive in an emergency or during routine doctor visits. MedFlash can hold your entire medical history, including drug allergies and medications, insurance information, emergency contacts and even lifestyle habits. Its web database allows the user to access all key information from any Internet connection.

Electronic Alerts For Medication Reminders

One of the greatest health threats is missing doses of prescribed medications, whether due to a complicated scheduled or a large number of pills that need to be taken. To be assured of taking your meds correctly, consider a pill organizer that also signals you at the right times with a beep, alarm or flashing light. The Weekly Pill Timer Turtle XL With Reminder Alarm can be set for up to four times a day. Lids on compartments snap securely shut and there's a large digital readout and backlight to make visual cues easier to see.

Electronic Alerts To Stop Wandering

One of the most frustrating challenges of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's is the common habit of leaving the home and getting lost. A wander alarm will signal you before he or she can step outside. With the Wireless Wander Alarm, you can detect when the door it is installed on is opened. The chime can be set to sound at the monitor or send a signal to the small receiver that can be mounted or placed up to 100 feet away.

Another option is a Door Strip Alarm, a brightly colored strip that directs most people away from doorways and off limits areas—and if your loved one proceeds through the doorway it's attached to, an alarm is activated. A Velcro tab secures the door strip alarm to the doorframe so it creates a visual (not a physical) barrier.

Electronic Alerts For The Telephone

If you have hearing loss, a super loud ringer will keep you from missing calls. You can modify an existing telephone with a device such as the Clarity SR-200 Super Phone Ringer, an adjustable loud ringer that also visually alerts you to an incoming phone call. You can choose one of four distinct ring patterns to suit your preference, and the dual modular phone jack makes for an easy connection to a standard analog telephone.

If you want to know who is calling you, you can add the caller ID function to an existing phone. Caller ID With Large Backlite Screen receives and displays name, number and calling time, and it installs easily on all standard home telephones.

Electronic Alerts For Emergency Situations

In addition to well-known pendants, there are other emergency alert products available. The Telemergency Elite 2000 Alert Device and Telephone is a two-in-one electronic alert—the 911 caller is built into a big-button, easy-to-use telephone with LCD display, amplified ringer and talking keypad. This can be an ideal product for people who are concerned with falling, are hearing impaired, are sight impaired or can't always get to the telephone easily. Having the telephone within the system also helps you avoid missing important calls. Help is available with just one press of a button on the included wireless help pendant (to call for help from a distance) or Red Cross button—it activates a loud internal alarm and activates the speakerphone feature to get you the help you need.

Electronic Alerts For The Front Door

Ideal for people with hearing disabilities, the Flashing Bell With Chime, for indoor use only, has a flashing strobe and a wireless chime. Pressing the transmitter makes the receiver flash its bright, built-in strobe light and chime at the same time up to 100 feet away (the chime can be turned off if you'd prefer).

Electronic Alerts Alarm Clocks

Whether you're a heavy sleeper or are experiencing hearing loss, a regular alarm clock might not be enough to wake you up. Innovations in electronic alerts include exceptionally loud alarms and clocks with attached bed shakers. One example is the Sonic Alert Sonic Boom alarm clock that shakes you awake with a powerful bed shaker, adjustable extra loud alarm and built-in pulsating lights. It features adjustable volume and tone, a snooze defuser, a large red LCD and an explosive red display.