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Drive Duet Transport Chair & Rollator  - 795BK

Drive Medical's Duet combines the features of a transport chair and rolling walker so an individual can ambulate by themself or be pushed by their caregiver. The two-position padded contoured back rest can be attached to the front or the back for maximum comfort and convenience. This popular rollator and transport chair is loaded with features.

  • Very lightweight - weighs only 19 lbs.
  • Fold up for easy travel/storage.
  • Large 8" casters (flat-free wheels) - ideal for indoor & outdoor.
  • Easy release loop locks.
  • Included handy carry pouch.
  • Seat lock prevents the Duet from accidentally folding.
  • Foot rest folds down when used as a transport chair & folds up and out of the way when used as a rollator.
  • Unit Width: 25.5" (outside width in open position)
  • Overall Height: 37"
  • Overall Length: 26"
  • Seat to-Floor Height: 21"
  • Handle Height Range: 31.5"-37"
  • Back Height: 36"
  • Seat Depth: 13"
  • Seat Width: 13.5"
  • Width between handlebars: 18"
  • Wheels: 8" diameter casters
  • Product Weight: 19 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

The Drive Duet has a Limited Lifetime Warranty from Drive Medical.

Category: Rollator/Transport Chair Combo


Product Reviews (40)

By Butch

Family caregiver

Escalon ca

Oct. 23, 2014

Love it

The chair fits all our needs

Pros:8" wheels and if my wife gets tired she just sits down and I push her I have bought two now one to leave at my sons house so when we fly to Georiga we don't have to take it with us

Cons:The pin you pull to collapse the chair keeps loosing up lost it once but put lock tite on fine now and it's heavy titaeum one would b nice

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Nonna

Buying for myself

Stamford, CT

Sep. 28, 2014

Well made walker

Very well made

Pros:I like the fact that when I sit my feet are not hanging, I put them on the pedestal, nice feature!

Cons:Only wished that it was a little lighter.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Marge

Buying for myself

clinton MD

Aug. 05, 2014

product is exactly what I needed !

pleased to have found this item; big wheels make a difference..foot rest, etc.

Pros:not complicated, no extra storage bag, adjustable handles, seat....NOTE: : I am 86 years old


Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By kran

Buying for myself

Kansas City MO

Jun. 22, 2014


I have used a rollator for about 4 years and suddenly one day it just folded up and fell to the ground trapping me and I started looking for something a little more stable

Pros:so far I like everything about it. It is built better and can be used for a wheelchair if I need it.

Cons:so far there is nothing that I don't like about it

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Amy

Family caregiver

Houston Tx

Jun. 11, 2014

good product

This product is very helpful for me. I brought it for my mom because wheel chair is too heavy for me to put it in the trunk. This one is light weight and stable.

Pros:light weight

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By kran

Buying for myself

Kansas City MO

Jun. 07, 2014

I love this item. I have had a rollator for about 4 years and just was talking to my husband that I needed something like this. It is light enough that I can handle it most days but sturdy enough he can help if I need it. Thank you for coming up with s

wonderful idea and I don't know why it took so long for someone to come up with it

Pros:all pros

Cons:no cons

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Antenas

Family caregiver

Southern California

Apr. 14, 2014

Amazing, It made taking care of grandma 100% easier

I enjoy your products

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By PaPa

Buying for myself

Charleston, S.C.

Dec. 23, 2013

A great buy.

Easy to put together. Fast shipping.

Pros:Easy to push my wife

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Chris U

Family caregiver

New Milford, CT

Nov. 07, 2013

Drive Duet Transport Chair & Rollator

It is great and easy to lift and it is a handy thing for my aging parents.

Pros:Light weight

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By cyrus

Buying for myself

Los Angeles, CA

Oct. 28, 2013

So far: well-made,comfortable,useful.

Smooth operation, good appearance, attention to detail in manufacture.

Pros:Well-made,appears durable.

Cons:none, so far.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By phill

Family caregiver

tupper lake ny

Oct. 18, 2013

amazing product, far beyond what I ever expected

Could not believe how sturdy and well built...very easy to assemble, and fast delivery!

Pros:The quality of the Drive! The ease of use for my wife, easy to take woth us.

Cons:That it took me so long to find this for my wife...lol

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Gorgeous

Family caregiver

Las vegas NV

Sep. 28, 2013


None at this time

Pros:The foot Rest and back rest

Cons:Folding dificulty

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.


Buying for myself

ft worth

Sep. 10, 2013

I wish tis had been available when I bought my first one

very goog

Pros:I have help available if i need it

Cons:seat clould be more comfrtabe

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Lisa

Family caregiver

Tucson, AZ

Sep. 03, 2013

Good value

Good dual function

Pros:It was easy to put together. Works well and is steady. Love that it can be both a chair and a walker.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By ptpapa

Family caregiver

sacramento, calif.

Sep. 02, 2013


over all I like it. It is a multi-purpose transport chair.

Pros:light weight, foldable,walker,transport chair.

Cons:axels for wheels seem a little weak.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Happy wife

Family caregiver

Salt Lake City, UT

Aug. 23, 2013

Very happy

I bought this for my husband. He is very happy with it and having it also be a chair for him to be pushed if he is too tired walking a lot. It is good sturdy and well constructed. I am happy with this company I am glad I found them!

Pros:Great product and very functional


Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By cats mom

Family caregiver


Aug. 19, 2013

perfect for petiet users on smooth surfaces

The only downfall of this product is it does not do well with even small gaps in the driveway cement, doorway thresholds, bumps. And the like. Otherwise its absolutely wonderful. Easy to use. Lighter than other products and perfect for my 5' tall daughter.

Pros:Ease of use. Lightweight, height adjustable.

Cons:Doesn't go over thresholds, or small cement gaps smoothly.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By None

Buying for myself

E. Providence, RI

Aug. 17, 2013

It was all that was said in the ad. It was easy to assemble and works just great! I now can go places that I was not able to go last year.

The wheels work very good. Being able to sit every so often was priceless.

Pros:Everything.. it is built well and can be converted to a wheelchair easily.

Cons:Do not have any at this time.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Randolph

Family caregiver

North Charleston SC

Jul. 11, 2013

Good dual Use Chair


Pros:the dual use capacity


Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Kat

Family caregiver

new york

Jun. 30, 2013

great price, great quality

Im big on quality,,this was worth the $ I paid for. My elderly father loved it!

Pros:durable, light, very good quality, very simple to use and adjust when wheelchair is needed.

Cons:Still slight bulky when folded...but then again, I have a small car. :)

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Christy

Buying for myself


Jun. 16, 2013

Drive Duet Transport Chair/Rollator. Great Product !

This product turns out to be the best thing I've ever purchased for my mobility. It was easy to put together from the box and within a few minutes it was ready to go. Also, the Customer Support is excellent. I am Very Happy and would highly recomend this to anyone. It works as advertised, its sturdy and versatile. This device has a dual use and is easy to sore at home and in the car.

Pros:Design, Easily foldable for transport

Cons:Color availability

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Elizabeth

Family caregiver


May. 01, 2013

Glad I purchased it

It has worked great for my mom. She really likes how comfortable it is and it is the right height for her too.

Pros:Easy to switch from walker to wheelchair. Lightweight.

Cons:It is hard to get across higher thresholds without it almost tipping forward.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Dot

Family caregiver

Albuquerque NM

Apr. 07, 2013

I like that it moves so easily.

Liked the mobility.

Pros:Easy to fold down and carry. Arrived at our house sooner than expected.

Cons:Seat and back bar very hard. Made cushions for both. Picture with instructions could have been bigger.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Mom

Family caregiver

Ennis, TX

Mar. 31, 2013

My Mom loves her chair!

Easy to use. Mom has more mobility and chair is easy to load.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By metro

Family caregiver

poughkeepsie ny

Mar. 17, 2013

my wife loves it

it came from company to home very fast

Pros:it is very sturdy and it looks great i love it

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Cookie

Buying for myself

Hampton, Va.

Mar. 08, 2013


More than I expected. You should show the transport in the advertisement.

Pros:Sturdy and ease of operation

Cons:No motor. But if it had one I would become really lazy.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By nick

Family caregiver

Palmetto, FL

Feb. 28, 2013

A versatile rollator

Rollator was as promised. It is quite easy to change from a rollator to a transport chair. It was was delivered quickly and was quite easy to set up. I did have to adjust one of the brakes thought and had to find wrenches to use and did not have instructions to go by. The "button" that snapped into place whe the unit was "down" or "up" meant that folding was a 2 hand operation. Thought about taking button off and seeing if that helped. Because of the extra metal for the arms and footrest it is heavier than many rollators, but quite light for all you get. It sure saves having to lug around a rollator AND a transport chair.

Pros:Great for times when the user gets too tired and still wants to be part of things. All in one. Don't have to carry 2 peices of equipment around. Also didn't have to spend money for 2 pieces of equipment.

Cons:If you attach a bag to the front it makes it hard to move the backrest from front to back. A little heavier than just a rollator, but not heavier than a transport chair. Takes 2 hands to open and close.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Blumie

Buying for myself

Tucson, Az

Feb. 25, 2013

It is a great Chair & Rollator

This Transport chair & rollator is very solid and works well.

Pros:Very easy to put together, very light and rides well. It is easy to push. Price was great compared to other places.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Liz

Family caregiver

Southwest Florida

Dec. 25, 2012

Dad really loved this!

Dad loved everything from color to functionality- fits doorways with room to spare

Pros:compact design, all in one capability, sturdy

Cons:no instructions enclosed for assembly

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By phyllis

Buying for myself

Houma, La

Dec. 25, 2012

Burgundy Drive Duet Transport Chair & Rollator is a great product for persons with limited mobility.

Purchased this after seeing someone else with one whom highly recommended it and was using it at the time and I was in a wheelchair. Wish I had that because it was more mobility friendly for persons whom can not stand long periods of time. You can walk and sit, or my son could push me, and we can stop and look at things together. We were going to different museums and I had to keep looking for places to sit and could not stay with my family. I kept refusing a wheelchair until the last day I had no choice. Then we saw this nice lady and this chair. I love mine. And the burgundy is so pretty.

Pros:1. you can hold on to the handles and walk. 2. you can stop and sit as needed 3. someone can push you like a wheelchair 4. under the seat is a place for your things 5. it folds up easily for carrying with you

Cons:don't really see can cons at this time except becoming disabled

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.


Buying for myself

Bakersfield, CA

Dec. 15, 2012

I am so pleased with this Rollator that I have two.

I have two rollaters I keep one in my vehicle and one in my house

Pros:The way it folds . Very easy

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Mano

Family caregiver

Phoenix, AZ

Dec. 14, 2012

1st user, so far works good

1st time user

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Sue

Family caregiver

Rochester NY

Nov. 28, 2012

Was surprised to hear there was such a thing (2 in 1) and we're very pleased with it.

I used to have a wheelchair AND a walker in the car for my husband. Now I just have this 2 in 1. It's alot lighter than a wheelchair. More room in the car now too!

Pros:Very well made, light, easy to get in/out of the car. And again, a lot lighter than a wheelchair. (pretty burgandy color)

Cons:You'll need to be careful going over bumps at door entrances, etc. when using as a transport chair, it wants to tip forward. Best if you back in, then it works GREAT!

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By k

Family caregiver


Nov. 22, 2012

Great options with this Rollator

My Mom is very happy with the Rollator chair

Pros:The wheelchair configuration option is great

Cons:My Mom is having a little trouble working the breaking mechanism. But it is not defective.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Daughter

Family caregiver

Chicago, IL

Oct. 19, 2012


Mom was so happy with it! Loves the transport option with the footrest.

Pros:Easy to use.


Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.


Buying for myself

Amagansett, NY

Sep. 19, 2012

This is exactly the one I'm looking for a walker/wheelchair.

I like everything about it. I like the features, easy to fold, very light, no problem putting it at the trunk of the car



Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.


Family caregiver

Seattle, WA

Aug. 30, 2012

Exactly what we needed

My husband needs a walker 80% of the time, but occassionally there is a need for him to be transported. I didn't want to have two pieces of equipment. This dual function walker/chair is the perfect solution!

Pros:It converts to a transport chair easily, isn't too heavy for a woman to put into the car.

Cons:None that I know of yet.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Grandson

Family caregiver

San Diego, CA

Aug. 29, 2012

Grandma loves it!

This replaced my grandmother's old rollator and the Drive Duet exceeded expectations. This rollator is very sturdy. The seat opens on a hinge for access to a convenient storage compartment. Handles on both sides provide more places for grandma to hold-on when standing up or moving around. This is the perfect rollator and seat in one- grandma (89yo) loves it. A great buy!

Pros:Sturdy, durable, easy to maneuver, adjustable handle height

Cons:Very minor issue: The transport chair foot rest (which folds up) does not lock in place when it is not in use. The foot rest stays folded up but it moves around somewhat.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Ted

Buying for myself

Arlington, VA

Aug. 18, 2012

Works fine for me

I like the wide wheels. Makes use outside much easier.

Pros:Comfortable seat

Cons:Nothing I can think of yet

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

By Ginny

Family caregiver

Americus Georgia

Aug. 17, 2012

My husband with Lewy Body Syndrome (Parkinson) loves it and used it immediately. The foot rests allowing him to be pushed if necessary are great.

Though as heavy as a standard walker (probably is lighter but has the extra foot rest) it is functional and relatively easy to fold up and take.


Cons:Any equipment is somewhat difficult to handle for "us old people" but this seems to be designed as efficiently as possible.

Overall: Yes, I would recommend this product.

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