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Disinfecting Wipes

FreeshipDisinfecting your living space is important to keep germs at bay. Products include individually wrapped and canister style wipes.

Sub Categories:

Prevail Premium Cotton Washcloth Soft Pack 12" x 8"

Prevail Quilted Washcloth are hypoallergenic and e...



3% Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes

Hydrogen peroxide soaked wipes in a convenient can...


Medline Micro-Kill+ Disinfectant Wipes

Medline Micro-Kill+™ Wipes are EPA-registered as...


Discide Disinfecting Towelettes Pop Up Canister

Disinfecting Towelettes Pop Up Canister - 6 X 8.7...


MadaCide Fast Drying Wipes

Disinfectant surface cleaner. Pop Up Tub/160 Towel...


Micro-Kill+ Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfecting wipes by Medline with an alcohol base...


Jobar Long Reach Comfort Wipe

Jobar Long Reach Comfort WipeThe answer to persona...