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Disinfectant Wipes and Surface Cleaners

Freeship Disinfecting your living space is important to keep germs at bay. Products include sprays and wipes as well as liquid germicides in large sizes. Read our medical supplies Buyers Guide for help finding the right disinfectant wipes for your needs.

Sub Categories:

Micro-Kill+ Disinfectant Wipes

PG#: 00003vMSC351200H     By: Micro -Kill

Disinfecting wipes by Medline with an alcohol based disinfectant.



Medline Micro-Kill+ Disinfectant Wipes

PG#: 00003vMSC351210H     By: Medline Industries

Medline Micro-Kill+™ Wipes are EPA-registered as a disinfectant



Citrus II Germicidal Cleaner & Deodorizer

PG#: 00002v5041     By: Citrus Ii

Germicidal Cleaner & Deodorizer. 22 oz. spray.

was $33.32


3% Hydrogen Peroxide Wipes

PG#: 00001vCUS200737     By: Pharma-C-Wipes

Hydrogen peroxide soaked wipes in a convenient canister container.



Madacide-1 Disinfectant Cleaner - Spray Bottle

PG#: 00002v7009A     By: Complete Medical

Alcohol-Free disinfectant cleaner. 32 oz. spray bottle.



Discide Disinfecting Towelettes Pop Up Canister

PG#: 00002v5058     By: Complete Medical

Disinfecting Towelettes Pop Up Canister - 6 X 8.75 Pk/160



MadaCide Fast Drying Wipes

PG#: 00002v7017C     By: Complete Medical

Disinfectant surface cleaner. Pop Up Tub/160 Towelettes



Citrus II Germicidal Cleaner - Gallon

PG#: 00002v5041A     By: Citrus Ii

Germicidal Deodorizing Cleaner. Gallon.



Madacide-1 Disinfectant Cleaner - Gallon

PG#: 00002v7009     By: Complete Medical

Hard surface disinfectant and cleaner. Gallon.



Citrus II CPAP Mask Cleaner Spray

PG#: 00001vBP35871165     By: Citrus Ii

Spray, in 1.5 oz or 8 oz sizes, for the cleaning of CPAP equipment.