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Diaper Disposal Systems

FreeshipA smarter way to dispose of soiled diapers, pads, wipes, etc. These disposal units are more sanitary and stop most odor from escaping compared to a normal trash can. Various sizes for homes and institutions are available.

Liner Pack Refill for Janibell 330 Series

Bag liners for Janibell 330 series, 10 gallon, pro...



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Liner Pack Refills for Janibell 400 Series

Bag liners for Janibell 400 series, 13 gallon, pro...


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Liner Pack Refills for Janibell 250 Series

Bag liners for Janibell 250 series, 4 gallon, prod...


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Liner Pack Refills for Janibell 280 Series

Bag liners for Janibell 280 series, 6 gallon, prod...


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Liner Pack Refills for Janibell 450 Series

Bag liners for Janibell 450 series, 8 gallon, prod...


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Janibell Step Open Trash Can-10 Gallon

The Janibell M330B is sturdy, sleek, and hygienic ...


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Janibell Step Open Trash Can-17 Gallon

Attractive and easy-to-use, the M450BW features a ...


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Janibell Diaper Disposal System

Made of a strong and non-porous resin and reinforc...


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Janibell Adult Incontinence Disposal System

Say goodbye to unpleasant and potentially embarras...


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Janibell Under-Cabinet Trash Can

The Janibell M250HW is an under cabinet trash can ...


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Janibell Step Open Trash Can-13 Gallon

The Janibell M400BW is an extremely durable hands-...


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Most users claim that Pull-on Adult underwear is more convenient
We at Parentgiving see more users buying pull-ups for themselves as an extension of regular underwear with additional protection "just in case." Conversely, we observe more Caregivers and Hospice workers purchasing tab-top briefs (diapers) for their clients. Neither tab-tops nor pull-ups are exclusive in their application as it is really a matter of user choice and preference.

We see two emerging types of pull-ups: 1) the gender specific "for men" or "for women" type of pull-on underwear and 2) the super absorbent (typically overnight) pullup that provides a ton of absorbent material in a pull-up underwear design. Manufacturers like SCA (Tena), Kimberely Clark (Depend), and First Quality (Prevail) make some of our most popular gender specific disposable underwear. The trend in these gender specific choices is to use less absorbent material, but applied where most efficient in the garment: up front for men and towards the bottom for women, and with a slimmer shape (less overall material and in some cases the use of stretch material in the panels) to better mimic regular underwear. The benefit to manufacturers is obvious in significantly less material cost per piece, however, active and more mobile users do appreciate the slimmer and quieter fit that offers more freedom and dignity than older durable backed diapers. Tena for men and Depend for Men are the highest rated and bestselling choices for men, while the Prevail for Women and Tena for Women are the best-selling and highest rated choices for female protective underwear.

The Super Absorbent Overnight pull-up is another popular class of protective underwear at Parentgiving. These super absorbent pull-ups tend to have A LOT of polymer fill material, inner leg cuffs to prevent leaks, and some, like the Tranquility Super Overnight. (our bestselling overnight pullup incontinence product), have tear-away side panels that both users and caregivers find convenient for easy removal. Other feature-laden, popular overnight protective underwear choices include the Wellness Underwear with NASA Technology and the Abena Abri-Flex Protective Underwear. Every selection listed here is rated well-over 4.5 stars and are some of the most popular pull-ups we sell.

For protective underwear users who seek a little less absorbency, or less design features and more units per dollar, we suggest both the Protection Plus line by Medline and the Tranquility Premium Daytime. Both of these selection cost less per unit than their top of the line overnight protective underwear counterparts and are highly rated.

A final trend that we are observing here at Parentgiving is the combined purchase of protective underwear and incontinence booster pads. The feedback we are hearing is that users are buying lesser make, or lesser absorbent protective underwear, and then pairing them with booster pads at night, or swapping out booster pads as soiled while keeping the protective underwear on throughout the day. Since booster pads are in essence, a layer of absorbent polymer, this combination solution should not degrade perineal skin integrity, and if it meets your lifestyle and budget needs, then we are here to pass that information along!