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Dental Supplies

Freeship Dental supplies providing the elderly with the best oral hygiene including oral swabs, glycerin sticks, toothpaste, and more. Read our daily living aidsBuyers Guide for help finding the right products.

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Dentips Disposable Untreated Oral Swabs

PG#: 00003vMDS096202     By: Medline Industries

Oral swabs by Medline. A larger size untreated polyester foam tip simplifies and speeds oral care. Individually wrapped long swabsticks.

was $71.99

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Lemon Glycerin Swabsticks By Medline

PG#: 00003vMDS090600H     By: Medline Industries

Oral swabs with refreshing citrus flavor moisten and refresh the mouth. Available in box or case.

was $19.99


Toothette Plus Mint Oral Swabs - (Premoistened with Mouth Refresh Solution)

PG#: 00001vTO6120     By: Toothette

Pleasant mint flavored, pre-moisted oral swabs


  • Auto Delivery

Toothette Oral Care Mouth Moisturizer

PG#: 00001vTO6083     By: Sage Products

Contains Vitamin E and coconut oil to moisturize the lips and mouth.

was $6.65


Sparkle Fresh Denture Cream - 2.5 Oz. Tube

PG#: 00003vMDS136406H     By: Sparklefresh

Formulated to provide secure retention of dentures. Includes secure tip to make applying the adhesive easier. 2.5 Oz. Tube.



Toothette Plus Suction Swabs - Single-use

PG#: 00001vTO6512     By: Perox-A-Mint

Help remove debris and oral secretions between brushings. Connect directly to standard suction lines.

was $13.32


Perox-A-Mint (R)

PG#: 00001vTO6060     By: Perox-A-Mint

Non-alcoholic, gentle, oral rinsing solution containing 1.5% hydrogen peroxide by Sage Products.



Sparkle Fresh Denture Cream (Case of 12)

PG#: 00003vMDS136406     By: Sparklefresh

Formulated to provide secure retention of dentures. Includes secure tip to make applying the adhesive easier. 2.5 Oz. Tubes (Case of 12)



Denture Cleanser Tablets

PG#: 00003vMDS136405Z     By: Medline Industries

Clean dentures effortlessly with these effective tablets. 90/Box.



Biotene Swabsticks & Mouthwash Economy Care Kits (Case)

PG#: 00003vMDS096012     By: Biotene

Case of 100 disposable kits that include 2 swabsticks, mouthwash rinse packet

was $188.22


Kank-A Mouth Pain Liquid

PG#: 00001vBLX41500     By: Cardinal

Canker Sore Anesthetic and Applicator.



Panasonic EW-DJ10A Oral Irrigator

PG#: 00008vPAN-EW-DJ10A     By: Panasonic

Panasonic EW-DJ10A Oral Irrigator effectively cleans debris between teeth while being gentle on gums.


Choosing The Best Dental Supplies

The right dental care products make taking care of teeth and gums easier and more effective. There is simply no reason to lose teeth as you get older, as long as you maintain a healthy mouth. And if you do have dentures, oral care still counts—you need to care for them as well as your gums.

Threats to oral hygiene include dry mouth and sensitive teeth. Whether the result of medical conditions like an autoimmune disorder, vitamin deficiency or diabetes, a side effect of medication or radiotherapy, or just a natural lessening of saliva, these conditions can benefit from dental products that allow for dental care without discomfort.

Dental Products For Dry Mouth

Various dental care items can help compensate for lessened saliva secretions and ease dry mouth. Toothette Oral Care Mouth Moisturizer is a water-based formula with vitamin E plus coconut oil to soothe and moisturize lips and oral tissue—unlike most lip balms, it can be used inside your mouth. Another way to moisten and refresh your mouth is with oral swabs like Lemon Glycerin Swabsticks from Medline with a refreshing citrus flavor.

For brushing teeth, Biotene is the #1 recommended brand of toothpaste for dry mouth care by dentists and hygienists. Used daily, it is clinically proven to reduce the bacteria associated with plaque and gingivitis while it promotes healing of bleeding and inflamed gums. It helps restore and strengthen your saliva's natural defenses with triple enzyme protection.

Between brushing, Biotene Mouth Spray provides dry mouth relief with up to two hours of moisture protection through an exclusive enzyme formula that’s both sugar- and alcohol-free.

Oral Swabs For Cleansing

When you aren’t able to get to the bathroom sink to use your toothbrush, oral swabs can clean teeth, stimulate gums and freshen your mouth. Products have soft, secure foam heads with distinct ridges and come on sturdy sticks to make them easy to hold and use. Just rub the head over teeth and gums to gently get rid of debris, stimulate tender oral tissues and clean between teeth. They come ready to use—no need for water. For cleaning teeth, choose oral swabs infused with dentifrice (toothpaste). Toothette Oral Swabs by Sage Products are designed for patients who may have mild oral dysfunction and can perform all or most of their oral care, but may also require some nursing assistance. Choose from plain.

Dental Supplies For Denture Care

There are two key products for improving denture use. One is a denture adhesive like Sparkle Fresh adhesive cream by Medline, to securely hold the dentures in place. It comes with a special tip to make applying the adhesive easier and with more control, less ooze.

The other is an effective cleansing system. Many people rely on denture cleanser tablets for inexpensive care. Yet a sonic device like the Dental Spa can give superior cleaning results and kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria in just minutes. It has dual technology—UV light and sonic waves—and works on any intra-oral device that will fit inside the inner chamber that measures 3.75” by 2.75”, including dentures, bite plates, invisible braces and whitening trays.

Specialty Dental Products

Don’t let sensitive teeth and gums keep you from maintaining good oral hygiene. For brushing, Sensodyne Toothpaste helps provide relief and protect sensitive areas of the teeth. By using Sensodyne every day, you help create a protective barrier that repels the pain caused by contact with hot and cold foods and beverages and sweet and acidic flavors.

For gentle rinsing, Perox-A-Mint is a gentle, mint flavored, 1.5% hydrogen peroxide solution rinse that works without drying. It’s alcohol-free and safe for use on tender oral tissues.