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Compression Sleeves

FreeshipCompression sleeves come in different sizes , but the most important consideration is if the garments are recommended for your particular lymphedema/edema pump.

3 Chamber Compression Sleeves For Flowtron Hydroven FPR Compression Pump

Sequential, 3 chamber compression garments (sleeve...


was $222.21

Single Chamber Garments For Flowtron Hydroven 3 Pump

Single chamber garments for various extremities.


was $188.88

3 Chamber Compression Garments For Use With Flowtron Hydroven 3 Pump

Gradient, sequential, 3 chamber compression garmen...


was $366.66

Compression Garments For Flowtron Exel DVT Pump

Flowtron Compression Sleeve Pairs.


was $99.99

Lymphadema Garment - Half-Leg

19.5 Inch Length Half Leg Garment promotes blood c...


Lymphadema Garment Full-Leg

30 Inch Length Lymphadema Garment Full-Leg promote...


Lymphadema Garment XL 1/2-Leg

19.5 Inch Length Lymphadema Garment XL 1/2-Leg pro...


Lymphadema Garment XL Full Leg

33 Inch Length Lymphadema Garment XL Full Leg prom...


Lymphadema Garment - Arm

28.5 Inch Length Lymphadema Garment for the Arm pr...