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FreeshipCarex provides quality accessories and comfort items like cushions, overbed tables and bath safety products.

Elongated Toilet Seat Riser by Carex

Carex elongated toilet seat riser fits on a all el...


was $44.43

Uplift Premium Power Seat Lift by Carex

Patented LeveLift Technology ensures a safe, gentl...


Plastic Female Urinal by Carex

One-liter plastic urinal for women by Carex. Sturd...


was $23.99

Universal Transfer Bench by Carex

Bath transfer bench by Carex. Compact size & extra...


was $130.65

Upeasy Power Seat by Carex

Upeasy Power Seat. Electric Lifting Seat. Tan. 300...


was $186.65

Plastic Bathtub Transfer Bench by Carex

An economical transfer bench for trustworthy servi...


White Bathtub Safety Rail by Carex

Apex/Carex white bathtub rail has a wide contact a...


was $63.98

Contour Back Cushion by Carex

Is ideal for use when sitting for extended periods...


was $37.77

Raised Toilet Seat by Carex

Raised Toilet Seat 5" H x 15" W x 16" D, 300 lb We...



Overbed Table by Carex

Convenient flat surface makes it easier for people...



Portable Bath Bench by Carex

Tub transfer board with one-piece construction mea...


Round Shower and Tub Stool by Carex

A compact stool to make personal care easy when st...


was $50.65

Dual Level Bathtub Rail by Carex

The Apex/Carex Bathtub Rail Dual Level provides a ...


was $71.41

Toilet Seat Riser by Carex

Elevates the toilet seat by 3.5 inches. Fits under...


Disposable Plastic Bedpans by Carex

Choose from the Contour or Fracture designs with v...


was $23.99

Bariatric Raised Toilet Seat by Carex

Bariatric Deluxe Raised Toilet Seat by Carex has a...


Bed Buddy Back Wrap

Designed specifically for relief of nagging lower ...


Home Overbed Table By Carex

Home Overbed Table by Carex. A stylish, adjustable...


was $173.32

Plastic Male Urinal with Lid by Carex

Lightweight, durable plastic urinal for men by Car...


was $19.99

Inflatable Invalid Ring by Carex

Heavy rubber cushion is easy to inflate and deflat...


E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat by Carex

E-Z Lock Raised Toilet Seat with Arm Rests is ligh...


Chrome Wall Grab Bars by Carex

Grab bars for the shower, tub or toilet areas. Fea...


Sitz Vented Bowl Bath Set by Carex

Sitz Bath set is designed to help prevent accident...


Soft Hands Gloves by Carex

Cotton gloves are multipurpose, washable, stretcha...


was $10.65