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Caregiver Comfort

Freeship Pamper the caregiver in your life with these choices for better health and less stress.

Able Life Universal Standing Handle by Stander

PG#: 000025v8195-RD     By: Able Life

Able life standing handle gives extra leverage to prevent strain on a caretaker's back as they help their loved one up from a sitting position.

    was $27.77


    Conair One Touchpad Deep Foot Bath

    PG#: 00002vFB27     By: Complete Medical

    Pamper you feet with this deep warm foot bath with bubbles. Includes 3 pedicure attachments.

      was $66.66


      Gel Ultimates Moisturizing Booties

      PG#: 00002vP108M     By: Complete Medical

      Moisturizes and softens the entire plantar surface of the foot as well as heels and toes. Proprietary gel lining. One Size Fits Most.

        was $41.10


        Essential Medical Quik-Sorb Reusable Underpad with Straps

        PG#: 000015vC2400     By: Essential Medical

        Reusable underpad with long straps to help caregiver and keep patient comfortable



          Beyond BodiHeat® Original

          PG#: 00001vOKO74984     By: Beyond Bodiheat

          Fast-acting, disposable heat pad that provides 12-hour pain relief. Soothes & comforts sore, aching muscles and relieves back and joint pain.

          • Product Type: Lower Body Relief



          Lumbar Back Support Cushion with Wide Back

          PG#: 00002vOFWB     By: Complete Medical

          The Obusforme Lumbar Back Support Cushion. Extra wide for broader backs.

            was $111.10


            Bed Buddy Naturals Plush Neck & Hand Wrap

            PG#: 00001vRMBBF400212     By: Bed Buddy

            Specially designed microwavable neck and hand pouches warm in minutes. ThermaTherapyTM moist heat penetrates deeply to target aches pains tension or arthritis in chronic problem areas such as neck, shoulders and hands.

            • Product Type: Upper Body Relief



            The Orbit Massager

            PG#: 00002v6080     By: Complete Medical

            Hand held massager with smooth, comfortable shape relaxes stressed muscles.



              Luxury Turbo Bath Spa

              PG#: 00002v1877     By: Complete Medical

              Turn your bath into a luxurious jet spa.

                was $106.65


                Shower Sandal Footscrubber

                PG#: 000018vAV24B     By: Footsmart

                Ingeniously designed foot scrubber designed for use in the bathtub or shower.



                  Posey Soft Hand Polystyrene Bead Fill Breathable Mitt

                  PG#: 00001v822810     By: Posey Company

                  Mitts protect patients who disrupt medical treatment hook and loop wrist closure



                    The Handy Handle by Stander

                    PG#: 000025v3200-RD     By: Stander

                    Handy handle provides a better grip and prevents slipping, it gives you significantly more leverage when lifting a person.



                      MTS SafetySure Mobility Draw Sheet

                      PG#: 00001vRI4116     By: Safetysure

                      Safety sure draw sheet simplifies transfers while reducing the risk of caregiver back strain.

                      • Size: Medium, Large