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Cane Accessories

Freeship From cup holders to more comfortable grips, shop here for all of your cane accessories.

Super BigFoot Standing Cane Tip by Essential Medical

PG#: 000015vT20010P     By: Essential Medical

Big foot standing cane tip has flexibility that is second to none. Works on any standard cane with great functionality.



Cane Ice Tip Attachment

PG#: 00002v1756     By: Complete Medical

For safer walking in ice and snow.



Self Standing Cane Tip by Apex

PG#: 00001vRMA70800     By: Carex

Apex Medical Self Standing Cane Tip 2-13/20" H x 4-3/4" W x 4-3/4" D, Quad, BlackThe Self Standing Cane Tip allows your cane to stand by itself. Simply remove your old cane tip and add the Self Standing Cane Tip and you will never search for a wall or chair to lean your cane against again. Made of sturdy non-slip rubberized material, this tip adds stability for cane users and will not leave black marks on floor surfaces.Allows your cane to stand by itself. Not to be used with Folding Canes.Sturdy non-slip rubberized material.Fits all 3/4" and 7/8" cane shafts.


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Quad-Support Cane Tip by Drive Medical

PG#: 00006vRTL10351     By: Drive

Provides balance, stability and allows your cane to be self-standing


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Replacement Tips for Aluminum Canes

PG#: 000010v9020

Lumex cane tips. Fits 3/4 inch shafts.



Fleece Cane Grip For T-Handle Cane

PG#: 00002v1551A     By: Complete Medical

Unique design enables easy attachment and secure fit for T-Handle canes.



Wheelchair Cane & Reacher Clip

PG#: 00002vA702     By: Complete Medical

Locks onto the wheelchair and grips canes



Cane Holder

PG#: 00002vA703     By: Complete Medical

Allows cane to lean on the table.



Fleece Cane Grip For Curved Handle Canes

PG#: 00002v1551B     By: Complete Medical

Unique design enables easy attachment and secure fit for curved handle wood or aluminum canes.



Cane And Crutch Rack

PG#: 00002v1450     By: Complete Medical

The cane and crutch rack is a space-saving unit that makes neatness and organization easy.



Deluxe Drive Cane / Crutch Nylon Carry Pouch

PG#: 00006v10268-1     By: Drive

This deluxe carry pouch for crutches or canes by Drive Medical stores your personal items without interfering with mobility.


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SureStep Lighted Cane Tip

PG#: 00002v1603     By: Complete Medical

Cane Tip Light To Help Illuminate Path



Cane Strap by Nova

PG#: 000021vCANESTRAP     By: Nova

Nova's Cane Strap assists in holding the cane handle and fits all canes.



Cane Holder by Nova

PG#: 000021vCANEHOLDER     By: Nova

This cane holder easily attaches to most canes to hang on tables, chairs, countertops and more! Great for the kitchen, restaurants and traveling.



Cane Holder by Nova

PG#: 000021vCH-4000R     By: Nova

This Nova cane holder maximizes mobility putting both your walker and cane together. Attaches to any walker and provides a secure home for your cane.



Able Life Universal Cane Grip Tip

PG#: 000025v8185     By: Able Life

The universal cane grip tip from able life gives you the heavy duty traction and grip you have been looking for. It has a curved design that supports a full range of motion and promotes natural balance and correct posture. Increase the stability of your cane with the universal cane grip tip



Able Life Universal Tru-Stride Quad Cane Tip

PG#: 000025v8180     By: Able Life

The Universal Tru-Stride Quad Cane Tip increases balance and range-of-motion while walking; and stands on it



CaneTUBE® Cane Holder by Windsor Direct

PG#: 000018vECT2014B     By: Easy Living Innovation

For people who need both a cane and a walker, this tool free, snap-on design provides a convenient way to carry a cane while using a walker or rollator.

was $39.99


Cane Tips by Carex

PG#: 00001vRMA71700     By: Carex

Carex Cane Tips 5/8", Black, For Diamond Wood CanesThe replacement tips are metal reinforced and designed to fit perfectly on Carex canes.


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Flex Flex N Go Cane Tip by Drive Medical

PG#: 00006vRTL10352     By: Drive

Tip flexes and swivels to maintain contact with the ground when the cane is at an angle, providing superior balance.


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Cane Tips Set of 2, by Complete Medical

PG#: 00002v1753     By: Complete Medical

Cane tips with hard rubber for extended use, the bottom is ridged to prevent from slipping.Great value for the price



Alex Orthopedic Cane Ice Grip

PG#: 00001vMNT04002     By: Alex Orthopedic

Ice Grip provides added safety for icy surfaces and attaches to the bottom of cane.



Alex Orthopedic Cane Wrist Strap with Snap Off Clip

PG#: 00001vMNT04001     By: Alex Orthopedic

Cane Wrist Strap with Snap Off Clip to fit any cane