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Bedwetting Alarms

FreeshipA bedwetting alarm is a device that automatically awakens the incontinent individual from sleep, or alerts the caregivier the moment a bedwetting accident happens. For elderly and adult bedwetting, the alarm can alert the caregiver. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right incontinence products.

D.V.C. Bedwetting Alarm

This moisture-sensing alarm is worn on the body fo...


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Koregon Nite Train-r Bed Wetting Alarm

Alarm alerts user as soon as it comes in contact w...


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DRI Sleeper Alarm System

Featuring a unisex design, this moisture alarm sys...


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Choosing The Best Incontinence Accessories
When someone is new to incontinence or new to home care, we consistently guide them to sample our best-selling and highest rated incontinence products: overnight super absorbent adult briefs, under pads, wipes, and incontinence pads. These products consistently sell because they unfailingly perform and offer a great value in terms of cost, convenience, or effectiveness in managing incontinence. We strongly encourage sampling because no two incontinence products are alike and we find that fit is paramount in finding the best performing products. Beyond finding the right incontinence products, there is also a range of incontinence accessories that can make life just a little easier for the caregiver tending to their patient. These products are typically associated with home hospice care and are categorized as follows:

Gloves — We carry every kind of disposable glove available, but the most popular disposable gloves for incontinence are vinyl exam gloves and latex exam gloves. Vinyl exam gloves are typically the cheapest glove option while latex gloves fit slightly better while still being cost-effective.

Diaper Disposal Systems — Modeled after newborn diaper disposal systems like the Diaper Genie, there are now larger versions of adult diaper disposal systems for home care, hospice care, and smaller medical facilities. These waste disposal systems have a hands free mechanism, hold ten to 20 gallons of waste material and have a continuous liner system to be odor free. Parentgiving features the full line of Janibell waste disposal systems and accessories.

Odor Eliminators — The room of a bedridden patient can harbor offensive odors overtime and this selection of Odor Eliminators can freshen up the room for both the patient and caregiver. Parentgiving has a broad selection of the best odor eliminators for hospice care.

Bedpans and Urinals — A staple of hospice care, Parentgiving carries a wide selection of Bedpans and Urinals. Some of our highest rated urinals are gender specific and make hospice care much easier. Our urinal selection includes travel urinals to better manage voids on the go.

Bedwetting Alarms — Designed to alert caregivers to when a patient has voided, we carry bedwetting alarms that attach to both the patient and to bedclothes.