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Bed Trays

FreeshipLap trays are the perfect solution for reading, writing, eating, or using a computer from the comfort and convenience of a seated position. Lap trays can be used in bed, a chair or wheelchair, and are a great size to take travelling. The Trasaback Curve Tray has a firm, vinyl tray surface, a storage bag, and a removable bean bag cushion underneath. The curved edge allows the tray a more comfortable position by contouring to the body and includes straps that affix to a wheelchair. The Bean Bag Lap Desk has a wedge-shaped cushion filled with foam beads and adjusts up to a 20 degree angle. The plastic top easily wipes clean and a front lip keeps objects from sliding off when angled.

Trabasack Curve Lap Tray and Storage Bag

PG#: 000018vEQL-TC10     By: Equitable Ltd

Curved wheelchair storage bag and lap tray.



Bean Bag Lap Desk - Lap Tray

PG#: 00002v1926     By: Complete Medical

Portable lap tray that is ideal for eating, writing or a laptop computer. Adjustable from flat to 20 degree angle.