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Bed Rail Accessories

FreeshipAccessories for adult bed rails including covers and cup holders.

Essential Medical Hand Bed Rail

Bed Rail with chrome pated steel non-slip grip to ...


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SafetySure Bed Pull-Up Assist Strap by Sammons Preston

SafetySure Bed Pull-Up assists in rising out of be...


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Side Rail Bed Wedge Gap Protector for Full 72 Inch Rail

Doubles as a side rail gap protector in addition t...


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Quilted Bed Rail Caddy

Puts all daily needs within reach. This quilted fa...


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Posey Bolster Soft Bed Rails

Adjustable easily attachable soft bed rail gives m...


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Bed Rail Pouch with 3 Pockets by Essential Medical (Rail not included)

Bed rail pouch has 3 pockets for remotes, phones a...


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Stander Pouch for Safety Bed Rail

Stander pouch compatible with safety bed rail


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Choosing The Best Bed Rails For Elderly
Our Parentgiving Customer Care team takes any potential bed-rail buyer on a series of questions to determine what kind of bed rail is appropriate:
  • What kind of bed will the rail be used on? Is there a box spring and mattress? Is it an adjustable bed? Is it a hospital bed?
  • What size is the bed?
  • Do they want the rail to be one sided or two?
  • Will the rail be used as an assist to help them get in and out of bed or is it to keep them in bed during the night? (or both?)
  • Is there a caregiver to raise and lower the rail, or will the patient need to do that themselves?
  • Before purchasing a bedrail for use in a facility, it is important to contact the facility and determine what can and cannot be installed.
  • If a loved one suffers from dementia and is quite active, will they be confused and try to climb over the rails? Rather than protecting the patient, this could actually harm them more.
Many of our rails will fit beds from Twin to King. Be sure to read the descriptions for all pertinent dimensions and information. There are a few bed types where rails cannot be installed. Most rails have either a board attached which goes under the mattress, or straps which must have unobstructed access to the other side of the bed. Some bed systems that physically cannot accept rails are:
  • Sleep Number beds (there are many different models — call us if you are not sure)
  • Platform beds, including Tempurpedic
  • Waterbeds
  • Beds whose box springs have been removed to make the overall height lower
Adjustable beds are no problem! Our best-selling EZ Adjust Bed Rail is extremely versatile, affordable and a cinch to install on adjustable or standard beds. Please take a look at the video to see how well it works and don't miss the rave reviews! Once you have answered the above questions you can start looking in the correct category for the best rail for your situation. If all of this is a little overwhelming, call us! We are very familiar with all different types of beds and rails and will be able to make suggestions for you. Keeping your loved one safe is very important to us, as well!