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FreeshipMany types of bed pillow provide maximum comfort in bed. They include sleeping pillows, cervical convoluted pillows, contoured memory foam pillows, side support pillows, u-neck and more. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right bed and knee pillows.

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Memory Foam Knee Pillow by Nova

Memory Foam Knee Pillow by Nova

Support and comfort your body with the Memory Foam...


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Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

Incorporates two pillows into one with different h...


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Aligns the spine and supports the neck in its natu...


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Down Alternative Standard Size Pillow by The Pillow Bar

Fluffy down alternative pillows with 300 thread co...


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4-Position Bed Pillow by Obusforme

The 4-Position Pillow Obusforme. Leg spacer, knee ...


was $44.43

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Buckwheat Cervical Roll Pillow

Buckwheat Cervical Roll Pillow comfortably support...


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Softeze Butterfly Pillow

Softeze Butterfly Pillow


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Inflatable Bed Wedge With Cover

Sleep better when you travel! Made of heavy gauge ...


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Face Down Pillow Wedge

The gentle slope on this polyurethane pillow provi...


was $53.32

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Contoured Memory Foam Pillow

Contoured Memory Foam Pillow has two slightly diff...


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Moisture Proof Pillow

Hypo-allergenic pillow with high lofted fiber fill...


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Paper Pillow Cases

Paper Pillow Cases are white, disposable paper. (B...



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Sherpa Neck Pillow

Machine washable supports head, neck, and shoulder...


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Lumbar Back Support Roll with Strap

Provides seat comfort and back support.


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Choosing The Best Bed Pillows

Getting a good night’s sleep is priceless for physical and mental well-being. A great mattress is your bedding foundation, to be enhanced with just the right bed pillows to support your body in all the places that need attention. And there is a pillow for just about every bodypart.

Your head and neck can get special support from a cervical or neck pillow, named for the neck section of your spine, the cervical spine. Shapes include a U shaped pillow like the Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow by Obusforme that fits around the back of your neck like a collar, a log shaped pillow called a neck roll and a butterfly shaped pillow like  the Science of Sleep Back Support Pillow with its gentle sloping butterfly design that eases the body into an ideal resting position. People who need or want to lay face down for relaxation or medical conditions can choose the Face Down Pillow Wedge, a polyurethane pillow with a gentle slope that allows for better comfort without any strain or stress on your back. The special U shaped opening gently cradles the face while keeping the spine in the correct position.

If you have any back discomfort, sleeping on your side with a pillow placed under the top knee will help you sleep more comfortably and minimize strain on your back from improper body positioning. Options to properly position the knees include the Knee-Ease Pillow to create the proper alignment, enhance circulation and help relieve pain, discomfort and stiffness in back, leg, hip and knee areas; an adjustable Velcro style closure keeps pillow in place. Another option is the leg spacer pillow from Obusforme  that provides support with a memory foam core and a washable soft velour cover.

For total comfort from head to toe, there’s the U-Shaped Back & Body Pillow polyester fiber pillow that supports the entire body with one pillow, reducing neck, back and joint pain.

In addition to the shape of your pillow, your choice also revolves around its material, with many alternatives to traditional fiberfill. A variety of styles are made of memory foam, a dense material originally developed by NASA and found to have the potential for relieving or preventing bed sores by distributing pressure to minimize pressure points that lead to the sores and in general provide for a more restful sleep.

Another option is buckwheat hulls, the filling of the Buckwheat Sleeping Pillow designed to provide customized support to your head and neck. You can mold the hulls to your body's natural contours, and the pillow allows fresh air to circulate keeping your head and neck cool while you sleep.

Bed pillows can also provide soothing relief. The patented Hot & Cold Therapeutic Gelly-Roll Pillow combines a hollow cervical roll filled with a removable gel pack and a standard pillow. Soft thick fiber-filled head section supports head while polyester lined cervical roll provides added support to the neck. For heat therapy for upper neck and shoulder pain, place gel core in microwave for 20 seconds then reinsert into neck roll. For cold therapy for headaches, place gel core in freezer for 1 hour then re-insert into neck roll.

No matter what aches and pains you’re experiencing, there’s a pillow designed to bring you comfort and support.