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Disposable briefs, also called disposable adult diapers, are popular incontinence products that provide convenience, comfort and confidence to the adult managing incontinence. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right disposable briefs.

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Tranquility ATN (All-Through-the-Night) Adult Diapers

A latex-free, disposable adult diaper with maximum...


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TENA Super Stretch Briefs

Maximum protection for nighttime and prolonged usa...


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Abena Abri-Form Premium Adult Brief - Super Capacity (Level 4)

Offers up to four times the absorbency of store-br...



Prevail Nu-Fit Briefs

An Advanced Zoning System provides superior incont...


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Attends Waistband Style Briefs

Provides a more customized fit with its unique sof...


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ReliaMed Premium Breathable Briefs

Soft, cloth-like outer fabric provides improved co...



Abena Abri-Form Premium Adult Brief - Moderate Capacity (Level 2)

The Premium Brief Line is designed to provide the ...



Abena Abri-Form Premium Adult Brief - Extra Capacity (Level 3)

Up to 3 times the capacity. Wetness indicator & od...



Prevail PM Extended Wear Adult Incontinence Briefs

The many features of the this adult incontinence d...


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TENA Ultra Stretch Briefs

For moderate to heavy bladder & bowel protection. ...


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Select Disposable Adult Diapers

These disposable adult diapers are latex-free, des...


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ComfortAire PM Extended Wear Briefs

ComfortAire briefs are specifically designed for o...


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MoliCare Super Plus Overnight Adult Diapers Tab-Top

These extra-absorbent overnight incontinence diape...


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Dignity Plus Adult Fitted Brief

This adult diaper absorbs moisture for maximum pro...



Wings Choice Plus Quilted Adult Briefs

Featuring a special quilted lining, this brief off...


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Choosing The Best Disposable Briefs

There are many types of urinary incontinence, and understanding them is the first step toward finding incontinence solutions, including the best disposable briefs:

  • Stress incontinence occurs during certain everyday actions like coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise.
  • Urge incontinence is a strong, sudden need to urinate followed by instant bladder contraction and involuntary loss of urine—you simply don't have enough time to get to the bathroom.
  • Overflow incontinence is when the bladder cannot empty completely, which leads to dribbling.
  • Mixed incontinence involves more than one type of urinary incontinence.

Bowel incontinence is the inability to control the passage of stool.

Whether you need to manage incontinence long-term or while attempting a medical solution, disposable briefs, also called disposable adult diapers, are essential incontinence products that provide peace of mind, comfort and a greater sense of self-confidence.

Disposable briefs are designed to absorb urine and/or fecal matter, while ensuring that skin remains dry and intact and that leaks and odors are avoided. Adult disposable diapers achieve these goals thanks to a variety of product features:

Capacity. The most important feature to consider when buying disposable briefs is how effectively they absorb waste and prevent any leaking. Disposable briefs should be able to absorb considerable amounts of urine resulting from a rapid flow without allowing any liquid to leak through.

Unobstrusive design. A key feature of the best disposable diapers is a streamlined design not visible under clothing. Another design element for adult disposable diapers is the quiet factor, meaning that the disposable brief doesn’t crinkle or make noticeable sounds as the wearer moves about.

Close fit. The best disposable diapers have elasticized legs and self-adhesive tabs to secure them to your shape and create a secure fit, another way to guard against leakage.

Comfort level. This is a matter of personal preference when choosing disposable briefs. The same waterproof barrier that protects against leaks could make you feel uncomfortably hot or sweaty. How easily the adult disposable briefs can be put on and taken off is another determining factor.

For help finding all the features you’re looking for in adult disposable briefs, access the parentgiving.com disposable diaper selector. Also, you’ll find that at parentgiving store, you can sample most of the disposable briefs sold so that you don’t invest in a large quantity before knowing your own comfort level—important because disposable diapers aren’t returnable once a package has been opened.

Among the choices for you to consider are these very popular disposable briefs:

Wellness BriefTo create the most absorbent product, Wellness Brief adult diapers from Unique Wellness use the super-absorbent Incontek® technology, which makes these disposable incontinence briefs the driest, healthiest and most environmentally friendly adult diaper brief available. The Unique Wellness Brief is perfect for overnight use, travel or whenever the wearer needs to go long periods of time without being able to make a disposable brief change. The Wellness Brief is designed using the same principles as the Maximum Absorbency Garments developed by NASA for astronauts. The Wellness Brief can fully absorb up to 87 ounces of liquid and pull it away from the skin to guard against irritation and infection. This disposable brief is extremely cost effective because only three changes a day are needed while still preventing rashes and infections. The Wellness Brief is odor-free and latex-free and has a built-in wetness indicator. The cost, ease of use and performance of this disposable brief makes it a smart choice for caregivers.

For a high quality yet economical disposable diaper, the Invacare Economy Series is a leading unisex brief that is latex-free and features extra absorbency for protection from bladder and bowel loss. Comfort features include a breathable cloth-like outer fabric and soft elastic leg cuffs. A wetness indicator lets the user know when it's time to change the brief while Easy Lock Fasteners re-attach to any part of the outer fabric. Liquid is wicked away to interior layers, keeping material near the skin dry and comfortable.

Tranquility SlimLine is very absorbent yet less bulky design. This style of Tranquility disposable underwear is a latex-free adult diaper designed for heavy incontinence. A softer and more comfortable brief with superior absorbency, its leakage protection provides the right environment for your skin. Its Peach Mat core promotes dryness and odor control and creates the proper pH. The Komfort Monitor is a moisture volume indicator to let you know when a change is needed, and the re-fastening tape tabs make for easy opening and closing.