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Adult Cloth Diapers

FreeshipWashable & resusable adult diapers. Cotton or poly-cotton pull-up style incontinence briefs for men & women. Read our Buyers Guide for help finding the right cloth adult diapers .

HealthDri Men Brief

Incontinence pants for men that feel like regular ...


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Lady Dignity Panty

These washable and re-wearable incontinence pantie...


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Sir Dignity Washable Fitted Brief

These washable incontinence briefs for men resembl...


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SOSecure Containment Swim Brief for Adults & Teens

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Choosing The Best Adult Cloth Diapers

A wide variety of products are available to help you manage incontinence. While the popularly termed adult diapers with varying levels of absorbency are a common choice, you might want to consider cloth adult diapers that have the look and feel of regular underwear. While there are many advantages to reusable adult cloth incontinence briefs, at the top of the list for many is the financial one—some styles can be machine-washed dozens, if not hundreds, of times, saving you money over the disposables. Also, for those who are ecology-minded, they enable you to leave a smaller footprint—less manufacturing and less trash.

Within the choices available, some styles look more like regular underwear than others. The most realistic in terms of feel as well appearance are the fitted briefs. Most underwear-like cloth diapers for adults are made of the same type of fabric as men’s briefs and women’s panties, but with absorbent properties or with a sewn-in pouch designed to hold an absorbent pad or liner. They traditionally pull up and down like underwear and are tossed in the washing machine after wearing. For instance, the Sir Dignity Washable Fitted Brief is a poly/cotton blend fabric brief designed to resemble real underwear for men and is washable and re-wearable. The stretch-lock feature of its pouch helps to prevent liquid leakage and promotes comfort. Pads/liners are purchased separately (a sample is included with the brief), allowing you to choose the level of absorbency you need. Choices include Dignity Extra Duty Pads (for medium to heavy absorbency), Dignity Naturals (for medium absorbency), Dignity Thinsert Pads (for light to medium absorbency) and Dignity Free and Active Bladder Control Pads (for super absorbency).

When buying in bulk, Medline's Snap-Style Reusable Adult Cloth Diapers for light incontinence offer a low-cost alternative to fitted briefs— they’re sold in units of three dozen. These Snap-Style briefs have elastic only at the waist, not at the legs, and the multiple snaps allow for easy adjustment. These diapers are meant to be fully washable and reusable and feature a vinyl-knit barrier won't crack, peel, de-laminate or crystallize. Many styles, including this one, are sized by waist measurement for a closer fit.

In addition to finding the proper size, your selection should correspond to the level of incontinence you’re experiencing. Styles that don’t depend on a liner, but rather on the brief’s material itself, should spell out in their descriptions the amount of liquid they can hold. For instance,  the Unisex Super Fitted Reusable Cloth Diaper is made for heavy incontinence and features super absorbency in the core area, a fluid-proof barrier throughout the brief and super durable 2-ply twill.

You may want to try out more than one style to find the design that works best for you and feels the most comfortable because the most important criteria is really how well the adult cloth diapers or briefs contain fluid and give you the confidence to live a full and rewarding lifestyle.