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Alzheimer's Activities for Seniors

FreeshipPatients with Alzheimer's and those bed or wheelchair bound can enjoy stimulating puzzles, games, and activities. Activity boards can be used for games or puzzles and the magnetic surface keeps jigsaw puzzles in place.

Sub Categories:

R.O.S. Spree Magnetic Puzzle Board

The magnetic puzzle board provides the perfect sur...


Old Mill in the Fall Magnetic Puzzle

Magnetic puzzles are a great senior activity. This...


Denali National Park Magnetic Puzzle

Magnetic puzzle of scenic Denali National Park.


Small Activity Board - R.O.S. Spree

Hard board that provides a working surface for sen...


Gardening Board Insert - R.O.S. Spree

Hard topped board with planter holes designed for ...


R.O.S. Spree - Senior Activity Console

Base piece for the Spree Activity System developed...


Tote Bag

Blue tote bag for use with senior activity console...


R.O.S. Spree Basic Starter Kit

The R.O.S. Spree starter kit includes senior activ...


Ultimate Bundle Package - Senior Activities

The Ultimate Bundle Package includes senior activi...


Peg Solitaire Board Insert - R.O.S. Spree

Peg game activity board with extra large pegs and ...


Clip Board Insert - R.O.S. Spree

Clip board modular top for the Senior Activity Con...


Card Holder Board Insert - R.O.S. Spree

Stand alone or modular card holder in a standard c...


Tic Tac Toe Board Insert - R.O.S. Spree

Tic tac toe activity console top with extra large ...


Large Activity Board Insert - R.O.S. Spree or Legacy

The large activity board provides the perfect surf...


Wild Flowers on Mt. Ranier Puzzle

Puzzle in the image of The Wild Flowers on Mt. Ran...


Beach Scene Magnetic Puzzle

Small or large piece sized magnetic puzzle of a sc...


Winter Serene Magnetic Puzzle

Normal and large piece size magnetic puzzles of a ...


Classic Row Boats Magnetic Puzzle

Class row boats magnetic puzzle in two sizes.


Garden Path Magnetic Puzzle

Scenic garden path image magnetic puzzle.


Lighthouse Magnetic Puzzle

The lighthouse guides the way to completion of thi...


Log Cabin Magnetic Puzzle

Magnetic puzzle with scenic log cabin image.


Statue of Liberty Magnetic Puzzle

Show your patriotic spirit with this Statue of Lib...


Lincoln Memorial Magnetic Puzzle

This Lincoln Memorial magnetic puzzle is a great g...


Mount Rushmore Magnetic Puzzle

Mount Rushmore magnetic puzzle for senior activity...