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4 Wheel Rollators With Seat

Four wheel rollators typically include a seat, pouch and/or basket, and hand brakes, and fold down for storage or travel. With a variety of colors, weight capacities, sizes, and and other options, there is a perfect four wheel rollator for everyone.

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Drive Duet Transport Chair & Rollator

A Combination transport chair and rollator. Comes ...


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Medline Ultralight Rollator Walker

Weighs only 11 lbs! Adjustable seat height. Includ...



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Extra Wide Set N Go Wide Height Adjustable Rollator

Extra wide Lumex rollator with adjustable depth an...



Invacare Heavyweight Bariatric Rollator - 500 lb capacity

Invacare Bariatric Walker & Rollator - durable, st...


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Contour Back Lightweight Rollator by Invacare

Easy-to-operate ergonomic hand brakes lock the rea...


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Clever Lite Rollator Walker with Casters

Four wheel folding walker rollator by Drive Medica...


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Mimi Lite Push Brake Rollator

Rollator by Drive Medical with push down rear whee...


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Drive Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker

Fold-able Euro-style nitro rollator with seat and ...



Mighty Mack Heavy Duty Rollator by Nova

The Mighty Mack rolling walker by Nova is very str...



ZOOM 20 Rollator by Nova

Get great fit and features with The Zoom by Nova. ...



Medline Guardian Deluxe Rollator

Premium rolling walker by Medline. Padded seat, cu...


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Go-Lite Bariatric Rollator Walker by Drive

Bariatric rollator walker by Drive Medical with pa...


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Medline Bariatric Rollator - 400 lb capacity

This heavy-duty rolling walker supports up to 400 ...


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Choosing The Best 4 Wheel Rollators

The rollator is a popular walking aid. Also called a rolling walker or by the number of wheels it has—either a 3- or 4-wheel rollator, it usually consists of a metal frame with wheels, handles where the brakes are located and, in many designs, a seat for resting and a basket or pouch for storing a water bottle or other personal items.

The purpose of a rollator is to help you walk as well as lessen your risk of falling. Research shows that using a rollator can help you walk better and longer, keeping you more active and independent—important for your overall health and the health of your heart and your muscles. By the same token, you need a certain amount of lower body strength and the ability to walk along with it, albeit with its help and support.

Unlike a walker that needs to be lifted up and down, a rollator doesn’t require as much upper body strength. But because there is a wheel on the end of each leg, you must have enough hand strength and awareness to use the hand braking system correctly. (Experts advise always parking a rollator against a wall in case you forget to apply the brakes.) If not a walker may be the safer choice.

With dozens of models to choose from, it’s important to have a good sense of your abilities as well as the rollator’s features. Start by selecting a model compatible with the following criteria:

  • Rollator weight capacity: Be sure your weight will be safely supported by the rollator’s seat; check the weight capacity.
  • Rollator handle height: The floor-to-handle height should adjust to your height to ensure that you won’t have to hunch over the rollator when walking. Note: When handle height is properly set, your elbows should be slightly bent. To find the best floor-to-handle height measurement for you, stand straight with your arms at your sides and have someone measure the distance from your wrist to the ground.
  • Rollator seat width: The width of the seat should be wide enough to ensure your comfort when sitting down.
  • Overall rollator width: Be sure that the rollator will fit through the doorways and hallways in your home.

There are a number of designs to choose from. A 3-wheel rollator may be easier to maneuver and can be a good choice if you don’t need to rest when you’re out and about with your rollator. The 3-wheel rollators are typically more triangular in shape and don’t have a seat. Many are lighter than a 4-wheel rollator and take up less space when folded, making them ideal for travel. The Winnie Walker Deluxe Three Wheel Rollator  is a lightweight rollator from Drive Medical with 7.5" wheels for indoor or outdoor use. It comes standard with a carry pouch and adjustable handle height. The special loop lock made of internal aluminum casting operates easily and ensures safety.

A 4-wheel rollator with a seat makes it possible for you to walk longer distances because you can stop to rest as needed. In addition to looking for sturdier designs that will support your weight, you might want a well-padded seat and a padded backrest for more comfort when sitting.

Beyond function, today’s rollators come in bright colors and some feature pouches made of patterned material, making it possible to find a rollator that is stylish as well as useful.